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A compilation of organizing principles

28 July 2008

Claire Josefine, an organizer in California and the author of The Spiritual Art of Being Organized, was interviewed on The Organizing Playground radio show recently. (The interview was aired on July 8—you can listen to it now by clicking here.) I really enjoyed listening to the interview, and it made me want to read her book.

In the book, Claire outlines 12 Basic Principles of Being Organized. I’d ordered the book (it hasn’t arrived yet), but I wanted to read what those principles are (they were mentioned on the radio program). So I made my way to Claire’s blog where I found this fabulous post in which she has compiled a list of 15 different organizers’ published principles (or steps) to getting organized.

As a professional organizer (and former professional writer), I found it interesting to see how pretty much the same information is being presented in different ways. It’s a great jumping-off point for more learning. Be sure to check out Claire’s 12 principles…they’re the second in the list.

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