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The Heirloom Explorer

If you inherit (or are given) family heirlooms, the responsibility can be overwhelming. Even if you’re not the sentimental type, inherited documents, photographs and correspondence can feel like a burden. You can be afraid to even touch the stuff. After all, many items are delicate and some are irreplaceable.

Your inherited family archive might not look all that valuable. But you can’t tell at a glance. There may be vital records and old family photographs mixed in with ticket stubs and parking tickets. (There may even be gum wrappers and tissues floating around in there.) Going through it carefully might unearth some precious genealogical finds or evidence of a life you had no idea your relative led.

On the flip side, you may have inherited a carefully curated archive that was clearly very important to the original owner. That can make it even scarier, since you want to make sure you handle it right.

Until you go through it, you don’t know what treasures are hidden among the inherited memorabilia. How will you determine what is valuable and what is not? How will you decide what is important to keep? And how will you preserve those items? Finally, how can you dispose of the items you don’t want in a respectful manner that acknowledges their potential historical or genealogical value?

I can help. Not only am I a professional organizer, I’m a family history researcher with a deep respect for inherited items. (Check out my blog Organize Your Family History.) What looks like an overwhelming project to you feels like a treasure hunt to me. (I’ll help you feel that way about it, too!) If going through the items gets emotional, I’ll be there to listen with compassion.

By the time we’re finished, we’ll get through your inherited stuff and we’ll do it right. We’ll approach the family archive in a manner that retains any original order (even if it doesn’t look like there is any) and does no damage to the items.

Together, we’ll systematically go through your items and figure out which items are important for you to keep—and how to store them so that they are properly preserved. We’ll also identify items that might be useful to other family members and what items might be valuable donations or perhaps could be sold. I can help you identify appropriate recipients or buyers. I can also help you pack and ship the items to distant family members.

The Heirloom Explorer package includes:

  • Two three-hour in-person organizing and exploration sessions
  • Expert guidance on handling and storing heirloom materials properly
  • One hour (off-site) of researching, shipping, drop off or other needed service
  • A pair of white cotton gloves
  • A set of two photo marking pencils
  • $25 gift certificate to University Products, supplier of archival storage boxes and other archival materials

Price: $650

All my services come with my Peace of Mind Guarantee. If, after your first session, you don’t feel you’ve gained more peace of mind, I’ll refund your money.

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