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The New World Order

If you feel overwhelmed when you look around your home and wish you could figure out how to get it organized, it might be time for The New World Order. Maybe you’ve been meaning to get organized forever, but when it comes time to start, you feel overwhelmed and shut down. Or perhaps you work away at it, but just don’t seem to get anywhere.

During the New World Order session, I come to your home, tour it with you, share ideas as they come to me, and sit down with you at the end of the session and hammer out an action plan to get you where you want to be. We get everything down in writing and we do it together, so that the priorities are yours, not mine.

I find that figuring out where to start can be the biggest barrier to getting organized. The action plan you and I will work out together during our New World Order session will be the road map you’ll use on your way to a home that’s organized just how you want it.

This may be all you need to get going. Or you might hire me to come in and help you implement the plan. Depending on your individual situation, that might mean bringing in an OPERATION: PEACE OF MIND team to create a quick transformation. Or you may prefer the slow-but-steady pace of working one-on-one with one of my team members.

I know you’re tempted to clean up before I come over, but please don’t. I like to see your house in its natural state—each individual pile is a valuable clue about how you live and organize. And remember, I’m very empathetic and nearly impossible to shock.

The New World Order session includes:

Price: $450

All my services come with my Peace of Mind Guarantee. If, after your first session, you don’t feel you’ve gained more peace of mind, I’ll refund your money.