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Ever wish you could tuck a certified professional organizer in your back pocket, for a daily dose of sensible advice and inspiration?

Well, I’m definitely not pocket-sized. But my digital Organizing Guides are just the right size for your laptop, tablet or smartphone! (Or feel free to print them out and put them in a binder, if that’s how you roll.)

I’ve poured twelve years of organizing expertise into eight handy little guides, designed to help you create ease + harmony in your home, get more done in less time, and build habits that can upgrade your quality of life. And if you’re a professional organizer (or wannabe) there’s a guide for you, too.

Each guide costs just $9 — less than popcorn + a movie.

Choose one or more — or own them all!

LOVE IS FOREVER (STAMPS): how to fall back in love with snail mail

Brown paper packages tied up with string, postcards from faraway lands, wax-sealed love notes from across the battlefield … remember when snail mail was downright romantic?

These days, though, it’s another story. Most of us are overwhelmed by piles of bills, notices, offers, catalogues, magazines, invitations, and straight-up junk. The result? Late fees, missed opportunities — even overlooked checks + refunds!

This guide will show you how to create simple systems to stay on top of your correspondence, and ensure you don’t miss a beat. 5 pages.

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TO-DO LIST BINGO! A game of completion + glee, for the whole family

Mary Poppins was onto something — when you transform mundane tasks into a playful game, somehow, they just seem to get done!

This guide will show you how to play one of my favorite organizational games: To-Do List Bingo. It’s an incredibly motivating tool for children’s chores (and grown-up tasks, too.) All you need is some kind of bulletin board, a few basic crafting supplies, and this handy guide to get started. 5 pages.

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PLAN LIKE A ROBOT, LIVE LIKE A HUMAN: how to systemize your everyday life to create peace of mind

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Type-A neatnik or a wild + beautifully messy artist — everyone needs consistent systems to handle everyday tasks as efficiently as possible.

In this guide, I share a few ways to simplify + systemize your daily flow, no matter how your brain is wired. You’ll also find a few tips on how to study your past successes, to discover your ideal organizational style.

Don’t worry — this guide won’t make you a robot. But it will help free up more time for you to enjoy being human. 3 pages.

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A GENTLE GOODBYE: how to let go of the stuff that's holding you back

Forming strong emotional attachments with ‘stuff’ isn’t crazy — it’s human. We’re sentimental creatures, after all!

But sometimes, holding on to too much ‘stuff’ has a heavy emotional cost. It makes us feel crowded, uncomfortable, and trapped. It makes it harder to like ourselves. (And that’s never a good thing.)

This guide will show you how to create a new vision for your space, consider the cost of keeping your stuff, and begin to release + let go … while being kind to yourself. 6 pages.

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MONEY SYSTEMS FOR THE EASILY DISTRACTED: how to organize your finances (even if your brain is hardwired to stray...)

When you have Attention Deficit Disorder, keeping track of financial paperwork + deadlines can be extremely challenging. And without an ADD-friendly plan in place, things can get awfully tangled — awfully quick.

I’ve been trained to support people with ADD, and this guide includes a few tips to help simplify your financial life + minimize error. Because peace of mind is priceless. 4 pages.

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SQUARE PEG, SQUARE HOLE: how to choose a time-management system that clicks with your natural personality

Have you ever resolved to ‘get organized, already!’ — say, on January 1st? — only to wind up irritated + backlogged, a few weeks later?

When people fail to stay organized, it’s usually because they’ve tried to force themselves into a system that conflicts with their personality — like a square peg in a round hole.

Keeping track of time and tasks is a huge component of being organized. This guide will show you how to choose a time-management system that works the way you (already) think. Click! 5 pages.

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MORE GLITTER, LESS CLUTTER: how to organize your arts + crafts space, for good

Crafting is a wonderful hobby — but it’s incredible how quickly your yarn, beads, paint and scraps of paper can spiral into a messy craftornado.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for organizing your craft supplies and workspace, so that you can spend more time enjoying your projects, and less time searching for those darn scissors. 6 pages.

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THE BEST OF THE BEST: my all-time favorite products to help you get (and stay) organized

Label makers, plastic boxes + freedom filers — oh my!

In this guide, I share my top 10 all-time favorite products for people craving order + lasting peace of mind. (Just promise me you’ll do a little de-cluttering before you go shopping — OK?) 5 pages

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