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Operation: Genealogy

In addition to being a certified professional organizer, I’m also a huge genealogy enthusiast. Like millions of people around the world, I love researching my roots. And I like to do it right.

In 2012, I started a blog called Organize Your Family History that marries these two passions. Since then, I’ve done a whole lot of thinking about, writing about and implementing various systems for handling the sometimes-overwhelming task of organizing genealogy documents and research.

I’ve been a speaker at the gigantic RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City (I spoke, with Brooks Duncan of DocumentSnap, about going paperless in genealogy) and I’ve lectured about genealogy organizing locally as well. I was asked by Family Tree University to host a workshop called, What The Pros Know: Genealogy Organization Tips. I’ve written and sell three Orderly Roots Guides and I also created, with Brooks Duncan, the Paperless Genealogy Guide.

My genealogy guides might be all you need to help you organize your own genealogy. But if you’d like expert, personalized help, you can hire me to coach you through it. We can work together in person (that’s especially easy if you live in St. Louis) or we can work together over the phone or Skype.

I can help you with any or all of these projects:

  • Set up an electronic filing system for your genealogy files (including a consistent and easy-to-remember file naming protocol and a folder structure that will allow you to find all your documents easily)
  • Scan the documents you’ve already found and file them on your hard drive so they’re easily available to you
  • Create a paper filing system for your genealogy documents (though I’ll probably try to convince you to try a digital filing system instead)
  • Select and set up genealogy software
  • Get started with a family tree on or navigate Ancestry more easily if you’re already a user (you’ll pay Ancestry directly for a subscription)
  • Create a research log that will work for you
  • Establish a workflow so that organizing your genealogy research becomes second nature, rather than a chore

For in-person sessions, I charge my regular hourly organizing fee of $125 an hour (plus travel, if you’re outside St. Louis). For phone/Skype sessions, we’ll start with a one-hour session at $125.

To get started, just shoot me an email and we can schedule a session!

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