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A simpler way to file paid bills

12 February 2015 | Comments [0] »

I’m in Salt Lake City attending a genealogy conference. Last night I had dinner in the hotel and struck up a conversation with a woman sitting near me at the bar. Naturally, we started talking about organizing (as one does at bars) and she confessed that her biggest challenge was staying on top of the filing. I suggested that she file her paid bills by month and she found that suggestion revelatory! This morning, I thought I’d blog about it, because it had such an impact on her. A quick search revealed I’d done just that on October 24, 2011. So rather than reinvent the wheel, I decided to repeat that post. Here it is, as relevant as ever.

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Filing those paid bills

24 October 2011 | Comments [4] »

Do you hang on to the paper bills that your creditors send you after you pay them? (Do you even receive your bills in the mail anymore?) A certain percentage of my clients have either gone paperless or automatically shred the bills after paying.

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A peek at Peter Walsh's [IN]PLACE System for Office Max

6 May 2009 | Comments [5] »

Back in early April I was invited to a blogcast that introduced Peter Walsh’s new line of office products to people who blog about organizing and parenting. They sent me product samples. I was wowed.

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Peter Walsh teams with Office Max for new product line

13 April 2009 | Comments [5] »

I love office products. I can spend an hour cruising the aisles of Office Max or Office Depot looking at their wares. I love that Office Max, in particular, has become more inventive, offering beautiful product lines like DiVOGA . Staples did the same thing last year with their M by Staples line.

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My microwave method of filing

25 March 2009 | Comments [4] »

I’ve let some filing pile up around here. The room where our household’s filing cabinet is happens to be situated close to the kitchen. The “to-file” stuff is on top of the filing cabinet.

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