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Worth repeating: My secret to saving money on knitting

3 July 2013 | Comments [1] »

Thanks to my well-organized and well-stocked stash of yarn, I spend very little money on yarn and knitting supplies. Three years ago, I wrote about Ravelry, my secret weapon for saving money on what can be a very expensive hobby. This post is as true today as the day I wrote it, with one exception. There are now 3 million members of Ravelry!

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Pinterest angst

25 May 2013 | Comments [7] »

While I’m a fan of Pinterest, it got me thinking about how so many of the DIY things on Pinterest I find out of reach. They’re just too complicated. Or too beautiful. Or require more steps than I ever would consider taking. Does that ever happen to you? My friend Shannon calls this Pinterest angst.

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My secret to saving money on knitting

19 February 2010 | Comments [0] »

When I started knitting five years ago, I tentatively started projects and slowly learned new techniques while gradually buying nicer and nicer yarns. I kept all my yarn in one bag.

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A few technical changes to the blog (and an RSS favor)

4 December 2008 | Comments [0] »

I wanted to draw your attention to the new “Tools” section of the right-hand sidebar to the blog. You’ll see an RSS Feed button and Follow Me button and a search box. We’ve reconfigured the RSS Feed for the blog with some new options, like the full blog post appearing in the feed, rather than just an excerpt that requires you to go the site to finish reading the post. Data reporting to me has been improved as well. If you’ve already subscribed, I’d appreciate your unsubscribing from your current feed and resubscribing with the new link. If you haven’t subscribed, please do!

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Atwitter over Twitter

25 November 2008 | Comments [4] »

My friend and life coach Shannon Wilkinson convinced me a couple of weeks ago to give Twitter a try. Until I spoke with her, I didn’t get it. Why would I want to post short little messages to a social networking site? And why would I want to read what others were posting? Sounded like kind of a time suck to me. Somehow I felt a little too old for it (which turned out to be ridiculous).

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Ravelry: The greatest organizational tool for knitters

18 November 2008 | Comments [0] »

I heart Ravelry. I absolutely love it. If you’re a knitter and you don’t know about Ravelry, or you don’t belong to it, click on the link the previous sentence and sign up. Just do it. Come back and read why I love it. But right now, go join.

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