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The blog's 10th anniversary!

10 November 2016 | Comments [0] »

Ten years ago today, I published my first blog post, called What is organized? It feels like I’ve been blogging forever, but at the same time, those ten years went by quickly!

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It's my 9th blogiversary!

10 November 2015 | Comments [2] »

On November 10, 2006, I wrote my first blog post on this website. 1,080 blog posts later, I’m celebrating my 9th blogiversary.

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SpareFoot's 12 decluttering blogs you should be following right now

19 March 2015 | Comments [0] »

The SpareFoot Blog, a blog published by SpareFoot, an online self-storage location tool, has come out with its top 12 Decluttering Blogs You Should Be Following Right Now. I’m delighted that the Peace of Mind Organizing blog is one of them!

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My 1000th blog post

9 December 2014 | Comments [2] »

Today is a big day. I’m posting my 1000th post on this blog! I find it a little hard to believe. I’ve been blogging just over eight years, which averages to about 2.5 blog posts a week. Right now, I’m blogging twice a week, so it looks like I’m right on track!

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My blog's 8th birthday

10 November 2014 | Comments [4] »

On November 10, 2006 I posted my first blog post. Today, I’m posting my 992nd.

Eight years of blogging feels like something to be proud of. I started the blog at the advice of my web designer, Nora Brown. Originally, my purpose was to allow my clients to get to know me before hiring me. (Since I’m not born organized, I didn’t want them expecting a super-organized perfectionist to arrive at their door.)

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Help for organizing your genealogy

12 April 2013 | Comments [0] »

Ten months ago, on June 14, 2012, I started a second blog, Organize Your Family History. It emerged from my interest in genealogy research and my desire to find a way to integrate my passion for this hobby with my organizing business. (One way I’ve done that is to introduce The Heirloom Explorer package

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Six years of blogging

14 November 2012 | Comments [0] »

I started my blog on November 10, 2006. I was in Barbados on my blog’s actual anniversary, so didn’t post about it that day. But today, I thought I’d do my annual blogiversary post.

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10 Best Organizing Sources list

10 August 2012 | Comments [0] »

My esteemed colleague, Linda Samuels of Oh So Organized! and author of the book The Other Side of Organized: Finding the Balance Between Chaos and Organized” (which I reviewed here) has created a list of the 10 Best Sources for Organizing Help on her blog.

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Professional Organizers Blog Carnival - I'm a star!

15 March 2012 | Comments [1] »

Janet Barclay is a former professional organizer who now works as a virtual assistant, helping professional organizers. One of the many wonderful things she does is organize a Professional Organizers Blog Carnival where bloggers submit a post that fit a pre-selected theme.

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Happy blogiversary to me!

11 November 2011 | Comments [0] »

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my blog. I can’t believe that I’ve been writing this blog for five years. In that time I’ve created 612 posts. (This is the 613th.) That’s quite a few words!

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Some great writing on clutter

9 November 2011 | Comments [1] »

Janet Barclay who is a professional-organizer-turned-virtual-assistant has an Professional Organizers Blog Carnival every month. She sets a theme and invites organizers who blog to submit blog posts on the theme.

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Unclutterer guest post on routines

12 August 2011 | Comments [2] »

I make no secret of the fact that I love It’s a smart, informative blog on living simply and I read it regularly. The editor, Erin Doland, does an amazing job with keeping the daily content fresh.

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One busy mom's cleaning routine

11 February 2011 | Comments [5] »

Meagan Francis, a writer I’m acquainted with through the online community Freelance Success, is a mother of five. In her blog, The Happiest Mom she provides insights from her journey to happiness in motherhood.

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Creative disposal

28 January 2011 | Comments [2] »

A lot of my clients are perfectionists, and one of the things that keeps them from parting with an item is that they want to identify the perfect person or charity to receive it. They don’t want to clutter the landfill, so they let items clutter their homes instead.

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Stressed out by meals? SimpliFried can help

19 January 2011 | Comments [1] »

I love the blog Unclutterer. It is full of sound advice about getting rid of clutter and living simply, written by and for intelligent people.

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Help for that scary pile on your desk

14 January 2011 | Comments [3] »

I go on and on here about the value of clearing off your desktop at the end of the work day. I’ve been doing it daily for three years and it’s really enhanced my productivity. It’s now such a habit that I’d kind of forgotten about the scary, teetering pile of paper that can pollute your desktop. (Though I do sometimes let the paper in my inbox — which is not on my desk — pile up.)

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Happy birthday, blog!

10 November 2010 | Comments [7] »

Today is the 4th anniversary of this blog. My first entry, on November 10, 2006, titled What is organized? was about everyone having personal standards for what they consider organized.

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Top 50 organizing blogs

3 June 2010 | Comments [4] »

I woke up this morning to a nice email telling me that this blog was selected for inclusion in’s list of the “50 Best Blogs to Organize Everything In Your Life.”

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A side benefit to being a blogger

28 December 2009 | Comments [0] »

I just got finished reading through my blog posts for 2009, in an effort to put together a post about my favorite blog posts of the year. (That’ll come later in the week.)

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Guest blog on Parent Talk Today

5 December 2008 | Comments [2] »

Kathy Sena, a fabulous freelance journalist who writes the Parent Talk Today blog is reprinting my “Mindful Gift Giving” post from earlier this week. I’m honored!

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A few technical changes to the blog (and an RSS favor)

4 December 2008 | Comments [0] »

I wanted to draw your attention to the new “Tools” section of the right-hand sidebar to the blog. You’ll see an RSS Feed button and Follow Me button and a search box. We’ve reconfigured the RSS Feed for the blog with some new options, like the full blog post appearing in the feed, rather than just an excerpt that requires you to go the site to finish reading the post. Data reporting to me has been improved as well. If you’ve already subscribed, I’d appreciate your unsubscribing from your current feed and resubscribing with the new link. If you haven’t subscribed, please do!

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Disorder 2 Order: Blog of the Week

26 November 2008 | Comments [1] »

I’m returning to my blog of the week format, after a couple of Wednesdays away from it, with Disorder2Order, the blog of Megan Spears, an organizer in the Portland, Oregon, area.

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My guest post on Serenity for the Self-Employed

11 November 2008 | Comments [0] »

Two weeks ago, I made Serenity for the Self-Employed my Blog of the Week since the blog owner, Heather Boerner, was starting a 30-day organizing challenge. Heather then invited me to do a blog post on the mistakes people make when they’re trying to get organized.

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Your Life. Organized: Blog of the Week

5 November 2008 | Comments [3] »

This week I’m featuring Your Life. Organized, the blog of Monica Ricci, a professional organizer in Atlanta. Monica’s an organizer with a national presence. You night know her from her appearances on the HGTV show Mission Organization. She’s Organizing Advisor to Office Depot and also works with Beazer Homes. She’s the author of Organizer Your Office in No Time.

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Serenity for the Self-Employed: Blog of the Week

29 October 2008 | Comments [0] »

Serenity for the Self-Employed is a blog written by freelance journalist Heather Boerner, with whom I’m acquainted through the online writing community I belong to, Freelance Success. Her blog, which aims to help self-employed people maintain their serenity (and sanity), just yesterday started a 30-day organizing challenge so this week seemed like a good week to highlight it on my blog.

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Get Everything Done: Blog of the Week

22 October 2008 | Comments [0] »

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a fan of Mark Forster. He’s a time management and personal organization guru who wrote the time-management book I most adhere to, Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management (link at right).

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The Home Office Organizer: Blog of the Week

17 September 2008 | Comments [0] »

On Wednesdays, I highlight a blog of the week, which is usually about organizing (though sometimes I stray). This week’s blog of the week is definitely about organizing. It’s organizer Brandie Kajino’s blog, The Home Office Organizer.

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Organize in Style: Blog of the Week

27 August 2008 | Comments [1] »

This week’s blog of the week belongs to Krista Colvin, an organizer in the Portland, Oregon, area, whose blog helps those of us who like to add a little style to our organizing efforts. Organize in Style presents cool products and cool ideas with a great injection of fun.

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IKEA hacker: Blog of the Week

20 August 2008 | Comments [0] »

I’ve blogged before about products from the Swedish furniture manufacturer and retailer IKEA. I like the look and price of their products. I’ve found their furniture to be long-lasting (my husband works daily at a desk we bought at IKEA in northern Virginia back in 1988, and I bought current desk at the IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ in 1998). I don’t like having to put furniture together, but I that’s why I have friends (thank you, Sally!).

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Life Remix: Blog of the Week

13 August 2008 | Comments [0] »

This week’s Blog of the Week is actually a blog network. Every day Life Remix provides a brief summary of the day’s entries from each of the great blogs that make up their network.

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Christine Kane's Blog: Blog of the Week

6 August 2008 | Comments [0] »

This week’s Blog of the Week isn’t an organizing blog per se, but it’s full of fabulous, inspiring information that can certainly be applied to organizing (and professional organizers).

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Crazy Aunt Purl: Blog of the Week

23 July 2008 | Comments [2] »

One of my favorite knitting blogs, Crazy Aunt Purl, justified its permanent status on the Links section of this organizing blog (where it’s been since Day One), with yesterday’s post.

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The Clutter Diet Blog: Blog of the Week

16 July 2008 | Comments [1] »

This week’s BOTW is Lorie Marrero’s The Clutter Diet Blog.

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Declutter You: Blog of the Week

9 July 2008 | Comments [2] »

This week’s Blog of the Week is Declutter You, the newly revamped and re-energized blog of Washington DC-based organizer Scott Roewer.

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Unclutterer: Blog of the Week

2 July 2008 | Comments [1] »

If you’ve found your way to my blog, you probably already know about Unclutterer. Just in case, though, let me sing the praises of my Blog of the Week.

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Organizing Playground: Blog of the Week

25 June 2008 | Comments [0] »

This week’s blog of the week is actually a podcast (though it does have a blog associated with it). Organizing Playground is a weekly radio show out of Atlanta hosted by professional organizers Allison Carter and Sara Fisher.

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Jeri's Organizing and Decluttering News: BOTW

18 June 2008 | Comments [1] »

This week’s blog of the week is the fabulous product-driven website by Bay Area PO, Jeri Dansky. Jeri is absolutely amazing at ferreting out different types of products in a category.

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Here's quite a list of blogs

13 June 2008 | Comments [0] »

If you’re a blogophile and love reading about productivity and organizing, have I got a list for you. It’s The Top 100 Productivity and Lifehack Blogs from College which offers online college degrees.

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Lifehacker: Blog of the Week

11 June 2008 | Comments [0] »

This week I have to extoll the virtues of Lifehacker. It’s a fabulous combination of high- and low-tech tips on enhancing productivity and customizing things to make them a little more to your liking.

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Organizing LA: Blog of the Week

4 June 2008 | Comments [1] »

As promised, on Wednesdays I’ll be presenting a Blog of the Week, to share with you my favorite organizing blogs. (Or at least I assume they’ll all be organizing blogs.)

This week’s blog is Los Angeles-based organizer John Trosko’s Organizing LA Blog.

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And now for something a little different...

13 May 2008 | Comments [0] »

I frequently link to great organizing blogs, since this is a blog about organizing. But today I have a more eclectic offering.

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Check out these great organizing blogs

22 April 2008 | Comments [1] »

When I was at the NAPO conference in Reno earlier this month, I was invited to a meeting of professional organizers who blog about organizing. What a great group of people and a fantastic opportunty to put faces with names (and blogs), as well as learn about some blogs I was less familiar with.

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My must-read blogs

20 March 2008 | Comments [1] »

In 2008, as part of my new dedication to getting a handle on my time, I’ve been trying to read more blogs. That may sound counterintuitive…blog reading can be a huge time suck.

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The tyranny of the blog

18 March 2008 | Comments [0] »

I love having a blog. The freedom to write whatever I want is wonderful. (Way, way back in the day I had a column in PetLife magazine in which I could write whatever I wanted. It was exhilarating.)

But that freedom is a two-edged sword. With little structure surrounding what to write, and no deadlines, it can be very difficult to (1) take the time to post to my blog and (2) come up with something remotely meaningful to write.

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My go-to site for organizing product ideas

23 January 2008 | Comments [1] »

I love reading other organizers’ blogs. There are some great ones out there. One of my favorites is San Francisco-area organizer’s Jeri Dansky’s blog, Jeri’s Organizing and Decluttering News.

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