Peace of Mind Organizing

Make space. Find peace. Feel joy.


We all want order, harmony + ease — in our homes, in our workspaces, and most certainly in our minds and hearts.

But many of us operate from a place of perpetual unease — constricted by our own belongings, overwhelmed by obligations, and drowning in stacks of correspondence (virtual and otherwise.)

My job is to help you define what ‘order, harmony and ease’ means to you — and then bring your surroundings into alignment with your definition. It doesn’t need to take a year, or even a month. It just takes a little focus, elbow grease — and love.

I work with clients in and around St. Louis, Missouri — and I occasionally travel out of the region, for special projects.

If you’d like to work with me, you have seven highly ­productive options.

(Some clients hire me for all seven services. Others select offerings, a la carte. Choose what feels good — it’s all up to you!)

01. Operation: Peace of Mind

A dramatic home organization makeover, with an expert team. (TV cameras not included.)

02. The New World Order

A whole-home organization consult, culminating in an attic-to-basement action plan to get you where you want to be. Just you and me.

03. The Tête à Tête

Work one-on-one with one of my team members. Lower stress. Slow, but steady, progress.

04. The Paper Tamer

A one-on-one package devoted to papers, papers, papers. (Backlog, begone!)

05. The Flow Creator

Once the clutter’s gone, you’ll need sustainable systems and new behaviors to help you keep clutter at bay, for the long haul.

06. The Habit Maker

Phone sessions to help anchor the habits that keep your life orderly, harmonious, and easy.

07. The Heirloom Explorer

A one-on-one organization consult, especially for sudden inheritances + heirloom collections. Includes expert guidance in handling and preserving those precious items, and inspiration to help you catalog + celebrate your ancestry.

All my services come with my Peace of Mind Guarantee. If, after your first session, you don’t feel you’ve gained more peace of mind, I’ll refund your money.