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Operation: Relocation

Do you dread moving house? We all know how stressful moving can be. You have to declutter prior to packing, deal with movers, pack and label the boxes, and survive moving day itself. And then after all that, you face a houseful of boxes to unpack and all your belongings to find homes for. It’s enough to make you never want to move again.

But don’t let that stop you from moving into your dream house. Moving doesn’t have to be horrible. You can hire Peace of Mind Organizing to make your move as streamlined and painless as possible. Let us create a headache-free moving experience for you.

“Bringing in an Operation: Relocation team was some of the best money I have ever spent! Every day in my kitchen, I am so grateful to have such well organized homes for everything. My kitchen, bathroom and office were completely functional within several days of unpacking; it relieved a lot of the stress of moving! It would have taken me weeks to accomplish the same goal and I wouldn’t have done it as well. I now really enjoy putting things away.”

—Marita Perlak, Chesterfield, Missouri

Here’s how it works.

We begin with a meeting to go over the project and discuss your special circumstances and concerns. We’ll create a timeline and a plan so that your move will happen within your timeframe, with a minimum of stress. If your move is local, we’ll meet at both homes, so that we can figure out just where things will go. We can take photos and use floorplans to create a seamless move.

There are a variety of ways an OPERATION: RELOCATION team can help you. Select one, some, or all of the services! You can be as hands-on —or as hands-off—as you’d like. (If your move isn’t a local move, OPERATION: RELOCATION can still help. Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can talk about how that might work.)

Before the move:

  • Get bids from movers and advise you on the selection.
  • Help you declutter and downsize so that you’re not moving items that you don’t use or love. (Take it from me, it’s much better to do this before you move than after you’ve paid to move all that stuff.)
  • Create a labeling system that reflects where the boxes should go, not where they came from.
  • Schedule cleaners, handymen or other professionals at either home.
  • Coordinate utility transfers and change of address.

During the move:

  • Supervise the moving company’s packers to ensure that the boxes are properly inventoried and labeled with the destination rooms.
  • Supervise the loading to make sure that things are done according to plan.
  • Direct the unloading of the truck at the new home to make sure that boxes and furniture end up in the right rooms.
  • Check boxes off the inventory form as they come in the door (for non-local moves).

After the move:

  • After everything’s unloaded, a team of talented professional organizers will unpack and organize your belongings according to the plan we created. You’ll see your belongings settled into your new home, ready to be lived in and loved.
  • We can even place decor and advise on furniture placement. Sweet.
  • In a matter of just a few sessions, your house full of boxes will become your home.

“I hired an Operation: Relocation team to unpack and organize my new house. I loved the people and the whole experience was faster and less stressful than I expected. I wish I’d hired them to supervise the packing: The worst part of our move was the packing by the moving company. So many disparate things were boxed together, and mislabeled. This took a lot more time to get things in the correct rooms. Operation: Relocation was definitely worth the investment!”

—Penny Walli, Wildwood, Missouri

Here’s what you can expect

  • As much or as little support as you need to make your move a breeze.
  • Coordination of communication with outside vendors so you’re not on the phone day and night.
  • Clear, frequent communication from me so you know exactly what’s going on.
  • Highly professional, skilled professional organizers handling your belongings with care.
  • The relief of knowing your move is under control and your new house can become a real home in a jiffy.

Even if you’re not sure when you’re moving, go ahead and connect with me. The sooner you contact me before the move the more time we have to make it easy for you.

Here’s how to book it

  • Email me at and let me know some basic details, like where you’re moving from and to and when you expect to move. I’ll get right back to you and we can make an appointment to get the OPERATION: RELOCATION process started.
  • At our meeting, we’ll figure out a timeline and decide which services will work best for you.
  • Get ready for the easiest move of your life!

“I called on Janine and her Operation: Relocation team to coordinate our in-town move, and I am so glad I did. I knew I’d be happy for the help, but the experience was even better than I expected! On Day 1, Janine and one of her team members arrived on move-out day and helped me be in two places at once (at both the new house and the old house). They also began unpacking critical items for that first night/day. On Day 2, Janine’s full team showed up to begin unpacking boxes and organizing! We had only a vague sense of where various items should go, but, with our input, the team thoughtfully and carefully organized everything over the course of two days, from the kitchen to the playroom to the master bath/closet and garage/basement. Instead of taking days off work to unpack, I could resume normal life on Monday! Janine brought everything her team could need to unpack and organize, including an incredible array of containers and an arsenal of tools for hanging pictures and garage organizers. There was nothing they couldn’t do! The team was hard-working, fun, positive, and motivating — I was actually sad to see them leave, but they left me armed with the tools to keep the house organized for our lifestyle. I can’t recommend Janine enough!”

—Amy Trueblood, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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