A Lego storage solution: Rent them!

23 March 2017

Rent legos!

I don’t have kids, so I don’t have personal experience with the challenge of storing and organizing Legos. But I’ve certainly seen clients who struggle with this. (And I do have personal experience with the pain of stepping on an errant Lego in bare or stocking feet!)

My team has implemented various solutions, including plastic shoe boxes , Elfa drawers, and storage designed specifically for Legos. They all can work but require time to be spent on maintenance. I’ve been intrigued by the Lego mats that make it easy to just corral and pick up a bunch of Legos without any attempt at organizing. To me, that seems like a realistic solution, as long as you have a place to store the bag of Legos you end up with.

Then I learned about what seems like a brilliant concept: Renting Lego sets! A company called Netbricks is clearly trying to be the Netflix of the Lego set. You can do a one-time rental for $25, or you can pay a monthly fee (there are different levels depending on the value of the Lego sets you want to receive and whether you want them one at a time or all at once) and then you’re sent the Lego sets you select. After your child has assembled the Lego sets, you tear them apart and return them. The sets are delivered to your door and you return them by mail. Netbrix claims that renting is 85% cheaper than buying.

If you have a Lego-crazy kid and storing the Legos you purchase is driving you crazy, you might want to give Netbricks a try!

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