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Taking time out for fun

19 October 2017 | Comments [0] »

I love doing genealogy research. (If you’d like to know more about that, check out my blog Organize Your Family History.) I’ve actually created a habit of doing research every day, first thing in the morning. I haven’t missed a day since August 1—which especially pleases me because I took a week-long trip during that time.

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Worth repeating: Finding time to feed your soul

20 July 2017 | Comments [0] »

I wrote this post in 2014 and I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to make doing genealogy research part of my morning routine so I’ve succeeded in finding time to feed my soul. If there’s something beneficial you’d like to start doing regularly, this post might help you find a way to find time.

I love doing genealogy research. It’s a fairly big part of my life—I blog twice weekly (most weeks) at my genealogy blog, Organize Your Family History, so I actually think about my family research quite a lot.

But I don’t actually research as often as I’d like. And that’s a shame, because researching my family history feeds my soul.

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The Happiness Project Mini Posters Coloring Book: Pure joy

3 April 2017 | Comments [3] »

I love Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. She’s a fantastic communicator with amazing ideas. I’ve heard her speak and I love the positivity of her message.

When I learned that she was creating a coloring book, The Happiness Project Mini Posters: A Coloring Book rushed to pre-order on Amazon. Then I forgot about it. What a joy it was to receive it in the mail last week!

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The Breville Tea Maker: A Unitasker worth having

13 February 2017 | Comments [0] »

I typically avoid buying appliances or gadgets that serve only one purpose. The wonderful blog Unclutterer calls those Unitaskers and features them on Unitasker Wednesdays.

But last month I made an exception to that rule and purchased the Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker. It’s an electric tea kettle and brewer. Two of my friends and colleagues, Amanda Rickers and Sheila DeHart each had one and raved about it. I found it irresistible.

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Worth repeating: Putting yourself first

14 March 2016 | Comments [0] »

Many of us in helping professions have a tendency to put the needs of those we help before our own. It’s so easy to do.

But, as I’ve discovered recently (yet again), it’s really important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself, so that you can, in fact, take care of others.

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What will you do with your extra day?

25 February 2016 | Comments [2] »

This Monday is February 29. I love leap year because we get a whole extra day in the year. What a gift!

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A storage solution for my colored Sharpies

22 February 2016 | Comments [8] »

Several weeks ago, I blogged about organizing my coloring supplies. I enjoy coloring in coloring books intended for grown ups and I use colored pencils and Sharpies primarily.

In that blog post, I showed how I organize my dozens of colored pencils. (I use Prismacolor Premier pencils.) And I mentioned that I had yet to figure out a good way to organize my colored Sharpies. At the time, they were laying flat in a box all mixed together.

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Organizing coloring supplies

1 February 2016 | Comments [5] »

I jumped aboard the adult coloring book craze last June. I loved coloring as a kid and I love it now. It’s so wonderful that so many interesting types of coloring books are available. And the coloring supplies! When I was a kid, I used Crayola crayons. Now, I use pencils, pens, markers…it feels like the sky’s the limit.

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How do you relax?

2 September 2015 | Comments [0] »

I think regular rest and relaxation is very, very important. It’s so easy to get caught up in work and chores and family and never take time for yourself. That’s particularly true, I think, when you struggle with disorganization and feel like you should spend all your spare time “getting organized.” (That’s a fallacy, of course.)

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Trying to catch up

14 July 2015 | Comments [3] »

So that’s a long-winded way of saying I’ve done no admin work for almost a month, my email is piling up and who knows how many balls I’ve let drop. Thank goodness I don’t get much snail mail, so I don’t have a daunting pile of mail to deal with.

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Putting yourself first

24 November 2014 | Comments [1] »

Many of us in helping professions have a tendency to put the needs of those we help before our own. It’s so easy to do.

But, as I’ve discovered recently (yet again), it’s really important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself, so that you can, in fact, take care of others.

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Finding the time to feed your soul

17 October 2014 | Comments [0] »

I love doing genealogy research. It’s a fairly big part of my life—I blog twice weekly (most weeks) at my genealogy blog, Organize Your Family History, so I actually think about my family research quite a lot.

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Building in re-entry time after a trip

29 September 2014 | Comments [0] »

I was out of town for five days in mid-September. I’ve been back a week and I still don’t have my mojo back.

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Working during times of stress

21 July 2014 | Comments [4] »

Since my schedule lightened up a couple of years ago, I’ve lived with relatively little stress. I work hard, which is occasionally stressful, but it’s good stress, since I love my clients and my work. Everything else has been on a pretty even keel. I know that I’m very fortunate.

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Worth repeating: We all have fear

25 June 2014 | Comments [0] »

I wrote this post five years ago, but it still rings true. Recently, I purchased a greeting card whose front bears this quotation from George Addair: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Distinguishing between when your fear is protecting you and when it’s limiting you can be a tricky thing._

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Slow down

20 September 2013 | Comments [0] »

Today I had occasion to choose a card at random from a deck of Pause cards. Created by a Inspired Mastery, a coaching company, each Pause Card in the deck has a potent message for the mindful leader.

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Worth repeating: Self-care

10 April 2013 | Comments [0] »

I’m passionate about asking people to be kind to themselves and not let guilt about clutter (or anything else) get in the way of living their lives. It’s been almost six years since I wrote this posted, called Self-Care, but it remains one of my very favorite posts. I thought I’d share it again today.

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Ten things I learned on my vacation

12 November 2012 | Comments [0] »

As I mentioned in my last blog post, last week I went to Barbados with my college buddies, to celebrate a big birthday.

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Gone fishing

2 November 2012 | Comments [4] »

I haven’t really gone fishing…that’s not my idea of a good time. (I feel sorry for the fish.) But I might look at some fish next week through a mask, because I’m going to an island, baby!

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Saying yes can be a very good thing

4 September 2012 | Comments [0] »

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post called The Value of Saying No. In it, I talked about the freedom and relief I’m feeling now that a variety of volunteer professional commitments are behind me.

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The value of saying no

6 August 2012 | Comments [2] »

On her Facebook page my buddy Gerailn Thomas shared the following words of wisdom this past Friday: “It’s Okay to Say No.”

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Make your weekend count

14 October 2011 | Comments [1] »

At a meeting at the headquarters of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization the other day, the ICD executive director, Beth Quick-Andrews, paid me a big compliment. She mentioned a blog post I’d written a year and a half ago and how she thinks about its message often. She even told me when I’d posted it.

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The beauty of R&R

10 October 2011 | Comments [0] »

In September I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. Due to my travel and work schedules, I didn’t have any time to relax at home. I did take a weekend away, which was great, but it wasn’t the same as recharging my batteries at home.

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Taking time out for some fun

23 September 2011 | Comments [0] »

I’ve been traveling and working hard these last couple of weeks. I was in Raleigh, N.C. to attend the Institute for Challenging Disorganization’s annual conference which was, in a word, fantastic. (If somewhat exhausting.)

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Taking time for yourself

7 February 2011 | Comments [1] »

One of the biggest pieces of advice I give to my clients is to be kind to themselves. That self-care is so often lacking. For many of my clients (the majority of whom are busy women) the biggest gift they can give themselves is time alone. A bubble bath. A cup of tea and a novel. Stealing away to a matinee.

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Don't squander the holiday

28 May 2010 | Comments [2] »

It’s a long weekend in the U.S. Memorial Day weekend typically marks the beginning of summer. It’s been feeling like summer here in St. Louis for the past week or two, so it feels like it’s about time.

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Take some time out for a retreat

16 January 2010 | Comments [0] »

Last year around this time, I blogged about Jen Louden’s Virtual Retreat. It was a weekend event where participants got to hear interviews with a variety of self-help folks to help them nurture themselves.

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Letting the holiday cards be easy

4 December 2009 | Comments [2] »

Yesterday I typed one of my favorite phrases, one that I learned from Supercoach Michael Neill. That phrase is “Why is it so hard to let it be easy?” I printed it out in a pretty font and posted it to my bulletin board. I want letting things be easy to be my theme for this month.

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When is lounging around self-care and when is it sloth?

24 August 2009 | Comments [0] »

Last Monday I blogged about my glorious Sunday (the day before) during which I did nothing but watch movies, do crafts, read and nap. I was enraptured at the rejuvenation I felt after taking a day to myself. I stand behind that post.

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A day to myself

17 August 2009 | Comments [0] »

I had a glorious day yesterday in which I placed no demands on myself. After working with clients the last couple of weekends, it was great to have a Sunday to do whatever I wanted to do. (I got my home-related chores taken care of on Saturday.)

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We all have fear

11 August 2009 | Comments [3] »

Recently my husband and I went to a family reunion held at a ski resort in Pennsylvania (it was the end of June and there was no snow). He and I rode a chair lift up to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view. I don’t ski and I’ve only been on a ski lift a handful of times. Neither of us heard the mumbling attendant’s instructions to pull the restraining bar over our heads and lock it in place in front of us. So we were riding up the mountain with nothing preventing us from falling out of the moving chair.

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Away again

25 June 2009 | Comments [0] »

I was home for a day and am now heading to Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania for my husband’s family reunion. Because of all the coming and going I haven’t had time to blog.

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Looking for some comfort?

20 April 2009 | Comments [0] »

n January, I took Jen Louden’s wonderful Virtual Retreat. Jen, known as “The Comfort Queen,” offered up a four-day weekend full of talks (over the phone) from inspiring self-help folks. It was terrific.

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Do unto others

4 March 2009 | Comments [2] »

We all know the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). Probably most of us try to live by it. I know I do.

But this past week I experienced, as I have in the past, how the Golden Rule can backfire.

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The weekend work/rest balance

16 February 2009 | Comments [0] »

On Friday I wrote that I was overwhelmed with tasks and clutter and that I really wanted to put my feet up this weekend, but had so much to do that I feared that wouldn’t be prudent. So I decided to create short task lists for each weekend day and relax only after I’d completed all the tasks on them.

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Feeling overwhelmed

13 February 2009 | Comments [2] »

So far this year, things have been running really smoothly. I’ve been gliding through the days, getting lots done, meeting some terrific people, making some money. Kind of idyllic, in fact.

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Need some comfort, courage and calm these days?

12 January 2009 | Comments [0] »

While the new year also feels ripe with possibilities for me, I have to admit that the advent of 2009 is a little scarier than usual. I have great hopes for a turnaround in our economy, but I know that for many people (including me, sometimes) the economic situation makes taking action—or even feeling good—a little difficult and scary.

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Powerful decluttering

12 November 2008 | Comments [2] »

This morning I received the e-newsletter of Christine Kane, the blogger, musician, and creativity consultant whose blog was my Blog of the Week a few months ago.

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Taking a day for myself

3 November 2008 | Comments [0] »

Yesterday I had what we call around our a home a Lazy Day. We had that extra hour, due to the end of Daylight Saving Time and, as I said I would on Friday, I used that time to knit and watch TV. It sure didn’t stop at an hour, though. I knit so much yesterday that my shoulders started hurting by the evening (so I stopped)

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S-L-O-W down

2 October 2008 | Comments [0] »

Yesterday’s Oprah show revolved around the theme of slowing down. It featured the tragic story of Brenda Slaby, a Chicago educator and mom who forgot her two-year-old daughter was in the car and left her there for eight hours last August. The child died. We relived that experience with the guilt-ridden mother. Such a sad, sad story.

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All talked out

29 September 2008 | Comments [0] »

My back-to-back conference hopping in the past 10 days has plum worn me out.

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15 July 2008 | Comments [1] »

I’m always struck how clutter gets in the way of life. I have many clients who constantly feel an obligation to deal with their clutter. They plan to devote a weekend to decluttering, then they start to feel overwhelmed, so they don’t actually deal with it. (Until they call me.)

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