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23 December 2013

I tend to struggle a bit with task management. I know that managing tasks electronically makes a lot of sense for me. I’ve had an electronic calendar for years and love that I always have the means to make an appointment (in the form of my iPhone and before that iPod Touch and before that Palm) in my purse or pocket.

But to-do lists have always difficult for me to succeed in doing electronically. I’ve tried a few different apps and tend to come back to paper task lists.

Until now.

About a month ago, I was contacted by the folks at Springpad about partnering with them on a project. I was intrigued so of course I had to give the site a try.

According to its website, Springpad is free app (web and mobile) that helps “simplify and organize your life and work anytime, anywhere.” For me, Springpad lives up to that hype.

There are many aspects to it (for example its web clipper and the links and information it provides for many of the items you add to your notebooks), and as I explore it more I’ll be talking about those aspects, but for the moment I’m gaga over the Task Notebook.. With the Task Notebook (everything in Springpad is organized by notebooks), I can easily enter tasks, tag them, assign deadlines and view the tasks in a variety of ways (by tag, by deadline, etc). And, of course, I get the satisfaction of crossing items off. The web app and mobile app work the same way and sync seamlessly, so I can easily enter tasks (or consult my task list) on the go.

Since I started using Springpad a few weeks ago, I’ve been really pleased to have information at my fingertips. Since I discovered the Task Notebook, I’ve felt more in control and I’ve been accomplishing things like crazy. This despite a fairly heavy client schedule.

Springpad has an attractive interface that feels to me like a combination of Evernote and Pinterest. I find it so, so much easier to get my arms around than Evernote. (Incidentally, it’s been around since 2008, so it’s no flash in the pan.)

That partnership that I was approached about? Using Springpad for a little while was enough to convince me to say yes. You’ll be hearing more from me about it in January. So keep an eye out! In the meantime, you might try creating a free Springpad account and it taking it out for a spin.

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Thanks for doing all the work in identifying a great program, Janine. I’ve set up my account, adopted your notebooks and a few others, plus created my own. I love it.

Patti Cancellier 01/15/2014 11:14 AM

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