Beware Jott playing cupid!

27 March 2008

As I’ve written here before, I’m a big fan of It’s a service that allows you to send emails from your telephone while you’re on the go. You register on the Jott site, give them your cell-phone number, input a list of people you’d want to email via Jott (including yourself). Then you program Jott’s phone number into your cell-phone autodial.

So when you want to Jott, you call Jott’s number (in my phone, I just say, “Call Jott”), Jott recognizes you from your phone number and asks who you want to Jott. You tell them someone from your list, then you say your message. Voice-recognition software transcribes your message and emails it to your recipient (and sends you a copy of the email). All this is free of charge, by the way.

I use the service to send myself reminders of things that come up in my mind when I’m driving. (If only I could do this in the shower, where my best ideas happen, I’d be golden.) Another way I use it is to Jott my husband when I’m on the way home. He’s often on the phone at his home office, sitting at his computer. So if I get his voicemail when I call, I’ll send him a Jott, knowing it will appear as an email in front of him while he’s on the phone.

Yesterday, I did this. In my message, I wanted to let him know where I was when I called, in case he wanted me to stop somewhere on the way home. So I said in my message, “I’m at Lindbergh and Ladue.” Jott translated it this way, “I’m on (_____). I love you.” Luckily, I do love him. But it made me realize that if I Jott people other than my husband, I’m going to have to speak clearly and use words I know Jott will understand. It could get very awkward if Jott played cupid with a note to a client!

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The Jott SNAFU made me laugh out loud. I’d never heard of Jott before, after I’m done catching up on your blog, I’m going to head over and check it out!

Shannon Wilkinson 04/01/2008 08:44 PM

Janine, this is so funny! Voice recognition has come a long way, but it’s not perfected yet, is it?

Margaret Lukens 05/08/2008 08:05 AM

This is hysterical! I keep hearing more and more about Jott, so it’s nice to also hear about the every applications.


John Trosko 05/08/2008 11:16 AM

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