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28 June 2012

I’ve been enjoying DailyFeats, a website that helps with habit creation. You select the habits you want to create from a whole bunch of options (there are 463 feats to choose from and the list is always growing). The individual feats are then put in your list. Every day you go to the website and click off the feats you’ve accomplished.

And here’s where it gets fun: You get points for accomplishing feats. After those points add up, you can redeem for charitable donations, for deals at participating vendors, or for gift cards.

So far, I’ve redeemed points for a free subscription to O Magazine and for a buy-one-get-one-free deal on Elements custom protein bars. I love that I get credit for things I’m already doing, like flossing my teeth, taking my calcium supplements, and attaining inbox zero. It also reminds me of other daily feats I aspire to—and it motivates me to do them.

There are feats in a variety of categories, like Home Care, Work, Health, Money, Learning, Family Relationships, and Community. The list is a bit eclectic. It includes feats such as “clean bathroom” and “include someone who’s left out” and “find money” and “listen to a kid” and “eat tofu” and “create art.” I think there’s probably something there for everyone.

There’s also an iPhone app that makes it easy to check in your feats.

I’m adding DailyFeats to my toolbox of habit-creation tools that have worked for me. (Others include Don’t Break the Chain and my Bingo board.)

Come back to my blog on Monday for a special announcement regarding DailyFeats. Hint: It involves Peace of Mind Organizing!

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