ExactMats custom shelf liners: A review

29 June 2020

ExactMats, the Houston-based manufacturers of custom-made clear shelf liners, recently offered me a credit to try out their products. They’re national Business Partners of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and have the good sense to realize that professional organizers are great people to promote their products to our clients. (In addition to shelf/drawer liners, they make custom car floor mats and face shields. I’ll be blogging about their face shields soon!)

I had heard good things about ExactMats and even sent for a sample of their product, but I hadn’t tried them myself nor seen them at a client’s home. So I gratefully accepted their offer. I had the perfect place in my house to try them out.

When we renovated our kitchen in 2016 we left intact a built-in cabinet that was original to our 1908 house. We painted it white to match the new cabinets. The interior shelves were repainted as well and, unfortunately, our contractor used a paint that gripped like crazy. It took a lot of effort to remove certain items—like cookbooks or canisters—from the shelves. So I jumped at the chance to try Exact Mats on those shelves.

My husband and I carefully measured the shelves and I placed the order, entering in the dimensions, indicating that we wanted rounded corners, and selecting the Crystal liners, not the Riverstone, which has a little texture and is a little grippier (since grippy was our problem).

The liners arrived in just a few days. All we had to do was unroll them and let them rest for a little while to relax the roll. Here’s a photo of two of them laid out on our counter:

Then we just placed each on the shelf. It couldn’t have been easier. I’ve never liked shelf liners because of the hassle of measuring and cutting and so forth. (And, in my case, the risk of error in cutting.) But these custom-made liners were a breeze! Here’s a photo of the shelf liner placed on one shelf in the cabinet without anything on it:

I really like the way they look nice. They remind me a smooth, glass surface. And they don’t grip our stuff. (Hooray!) The lined shelves are so much better than the bare painted surface we had before. Here’s a couple of the shelves with the liner and the stuff placed back on top:

I’ll absolutely be telling my clients about them. They do require some planning, of course. And they come with a price tag. But for those clients who have the budget and like to use shelf liners, I’ll absolutely recommend them!


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