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30 July 2008

This week’s Blog of the Week is an oldie but goodie. I first became aware of Flylady back in the late nineties, before I ever dreamt of becoming a professional organizer. Technically, it’s not a blog. (It predates blogs.) But it’s frequently updated and full of treasures.

Flylady, whose actual name is Marla Cilley, started her website as a way to help people get out from under clutter, establish routines, and create a (relatively) effortlessly clutter-free an clean home.

While her style is a little home-spun for my taste, it’s incredibly popular. One of the features of the flylady phenomenon is the opportunity sign up for emails from her reminding you to do things throughout the day. These many emails sometimes drive people away because of their frequency. But they’re not a required component of using Flylady’s systems.

Reading her website alone will give you lots of common-sense information. Over the years, I’ve internalized (and incorporated into my life) many of her basic tenets. And I find myself quoting her to my clients all the time.

To give you an idea of what her basic principles are, you can read my blog post from March 28, entitled: Things Flylady has taught me.

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The FlyLady used to sell feather dusters, but no longer does. A website that has many great feather dusters is Just an FYI

corey anderson 10/06/2009 02:32 PM

I was reminded of flylady this morning as I tried to clean my basement with flair! Thanks!

Heather 04/17/2010 09:59 AM

Hi there,
I’m a flybaby from Quebec, Canada. I’m working on creating a forum for flybabies from all over the world. Would you please like to come and help me make this place home?
Anything you can do would be appreciated, a link on your blog, your own suscription to the actual forum…

Feather 07/16/2013 01:59 PM

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