30 May 2008

If you’ve ever worked with a professional organizer, you know that one of the things we bring to the table is focus. When you make the financial and time commitment to have a professional help you get organized, you tend to stay focused on the job during your session. And if your attention strays, the organizer draws it back to the project at hand.

I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to focus on my own organizing projects. I love organizing. But when it comes to doing my own projects, my attention strays. There are things to do that seem more urgent. Or I’m just plain tired from helping others.

Earlier this month I whined blogged about how disarray seems to be taking over my home and how I was having trouble dealing with it. In that post, I vowed to spend 15 minutes a day working on it. I probably have spent 15 minutes a day, but I’m still just scratching the surface. (My desktop has been clean at the end of every day, though!)

I have a glorious weekend coming up with no outside commitments. Last weekend, I started doing some shifting of closet contents in order to help alleviate some clothes storage problems. Later today and on into this weekend I’m itching to keep going on these projects. At long last, I have not only the time but the desire and energy to create order and do some real organizing in my home. It’s a wonderful confluence of circumstances.

In the interest of accountability, I’ll state right here the projects I’m looking to accomplish:

  • Move my yarn and knitting supplies from an upstairs room to a downstairs room
  • Create room in an adjunct closet for overflow clothes
  • Move a category of clothes to the adjunct closet
  • Move some out-of-season clothes to a spare downstairs closet
  • Reorganize my lingerie drawer (perhaps the most exciting project!)
  • Sort, weed and reorganize my jewelry
  • Clean up the floor of my office

If one of my clients were saying she wanted to do all that in a weekend, I’d warn her not to bite off more than she could chew. I’d caution her against getting started and not finishing a project and therefore ending up even more disorder. So I’ll heed my own advice and take on small, discrete task after another.

Here’s hoping for a great report on Monday!

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Good luck with that. I am in the process of unpacking my dining room stuff to go into new furniture.One box at a time is my mantra. I did this not quite a year ago when we repainted in the old house. And I am STILL lightening the load as I go.

Marita Perlak 05/31/2008 01:06 PM

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