How I use Rubbermaid's Bento boxes

7 June 2012

Rubbermaid has created a new kind of storage bin, the Bento Box. Named after the divided Japanese lunch boxes, these storage containers have flexible dividers that fold flat against the interior wall of the box, if desired, or pop out to divide the box.

The boxes are covered in cloth over some sort of very sturdy paperboard. They have a nice, substantial feel. They also have these terrific lids that can act as a tray.

Here’s a photo, from Rubbermaid’s website

When I first saw Bento (they previewed it at the 2011 NAPO conference), I went ga-ga. I was thrilled when I was sent a sample set. (I love having a special relationship with Rubbermaid!)

I wanted to share a couple of the ways I use my Bento boxes.

It took me a little while to decide how to use the extra large Bento box (it’s about 19” x 12”). But when I figured it out, I was thrilled:

Room for five projects!

I use this box to store my knitting works-in-progress. I used to have a messy pile of bags containing various projects sitting on the floor next to my spot on the couch. I replaced that with this attractive bin. When the lid is on, I use it as an easy-to-reach-for tray for my current project. If company’s coming, I can tuck it right back inside.

I love this.

I use the small bento box (about 5” x 5”) to hold my remote controls for the TV. It’s easy to stick them in and take them out and my days of searching for the remote are (for the most part) over.

Check it out:

Keeps my remotes handy.

I really think the Rubbermaid product developers outdid themselves when they developed this attractive and flexible set of containers! If you’re interested, you can order Bento from Rubbermaid’s website. It’s also available at Target stores.

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