Minimize clothing clutter by renting clothes

27 November 2017

I learned this year about Le Tote , a subscription company that sends you clothes to wear and then send back to them.

For $59-$79 a month, depending on how many items you want, they’ll send you at least two totes a month. (The $59 tote contains three articles of clothing and two accessories.) Once you send back a tote, they’ll send you the next one.

How do they know what to send? When you sign up, they have you take an easy style quiz and they put together your totes based on those preferences. You can view the box before it’s sent and change the contents. If you there are items that you adore, you can buy them. Otherwise, just stuff into the prepaid return bag without laundering and mail it.

The idea boggled my mind a bit, but I talked with a client who is an enthusiastic subscriber to Le Tote. She told me that she likes that it spices up her otherwise boring work wardrobe. “Sometimes I’ll get a weekend-only option, and that’s fun too, like a sweater with a leopard on the front. It’s not something I’d buy, but it’s fun to rent.” I find that intriguing.

She also commented that the articles she receives look brand new, despite probably having been worn before. And she said she loves not having to do the laundry (who doesn’t love that?).

Another clothing rental option, which I’d heard about before, is Rent the Runway. That’s the site that allows you to rent special-occasion clothing. For as little as $30, you can rent designer dresses for four days. (They also have an eight-day rental period.) And they rent jewelry. I could see how this could be handy if you wanted to look fabulous without spending a fortune.

Having fewer clothes makes life easier, in my opinion. One of the things I love about my minimalist wardrobe is that I don’t have to make decisions. I have no problem with the lack of variety. But for people who do like variety in their wardrobe, renting clothing seems like a terrific alternative to an overstuffed closet!

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