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5 October 2015

One key to having a neat and organized garage is getting everything you can off the floor. I’ve seen a variety of options in my clients’ garages, but I hadn’t been exposed to Monkey Bars before I saw them at this year’s NAPO conference. I was impressed by the strength and durability of the garage shelving systems I saw.

Then I was contacted by their marketing folks offering a product for review. Since I was curious about the product, I accepted a Large Yard Tool Rack. We’re not much of a yard and garden family (we hire someone to take of the lawn) and we have limited tools, which we pretty much hang on nails on the joists of our decidedly un-fancy garage. There was definite room for improvement in the storage of our yard tools, so I was anxious to give it a try.

I was encourage by this video, which shows how easy the installation is.

I don’t own a drill, so I asked my handy friend John if he would install it for me. Installation really was a breeze—the hardest part was figuring out where to place the rack. It took at most 15 minutes for John to install it and it would have been faster if I weren’t there distracting him.

Not only did the rack go up very easily, but it’s solid and attractive. The hooks attach with a metal clip, not plastic, and they attach very easily and solidly. When John finished installing it, he said, “This is great; I’m going to buy one for my garage.” High praise indeed.

The price is good, too. The kit comes with the 51” bar, two brackets and hardware, plus eight different hooks. All for $99.99.

A look at their website shows that Monkey Bars is about a lot more than yard tool storage. They make overhead storage, garage cabinets, and shelving that can be integrated with their other products. The brackets holding up the shelves can hold bars on which can be hung tools or accessories. I’m impressed!

For the larger products they offer dealer installation, which for someone like me gives great peace of mind. I was glad to have this opportunity to try a Yard Tool Rack and experience the quality of the product. I’ll be mentioning it to clients who are looking to use products to upgrade their garage organization.

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