My new favorite container - it comes with yogurt!

28 January 2019

I’ve become enamored of Oui by Yoplait French-style yogurt, which is sold in little glass jars. The jar contains 5 ounces of tasty yogurt. (They’ve introduced a Petite, 3.5-ounce version, but I haven’t tried that yet.) The yogurt is great but I buy Oui for the jars. For just about a dollar and a half I get a really useful container (and a snack). The labels peel off easily without residue and the jar comes out of the dishwasher clean as a whistle.

What do I use them for?

  • They’re great pen holders. I’ve taken up hand lettering, and true to form I have purchased a bunch of pens to feed my habit. These little jars are great holding categories of pens and markers. (More on my pen organization soon, I promise.)
  • I use them to hold pairs of glasses on end on my desk, which keeps them handy. (I have many pairs of glasses for various uses.)
  • I put cotton balls in them in the bathroom and I also use one to hold my brush upright
  • I decorated one with Washi tape to use on the sink as a toothbrush holder for guests

I could also see using them in the kitchen as small drinking glasses. Or yogurt cups!

Here’s a photo of two Oui jars holding some markers on my desk. I used a little Washi tape to pretty them up.

Oui yogurt jars make great pen holders

I just discovered that Yoplait sells plastic lids made especially for these jars! They cost $1.00 each and are sold in packs of four, in clear or navy blue. The lids could add a whole new dimension to how you can use the jars. (Spices come to mind.)

And one more thing: The yogurt comes with a foil cover. When you peel it off, there’s a delightful message on the inside. For example, “You’ve got this.” And “Buy yourself flowers.” I love it.

I hope this product sticks around for awhile because I’m confident I can find many more uses for these fabulous little jars!

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We don’t have this brand of yogurt in California yet (at least, I haven’t seen it) but stores do have another brand from a local dairy, San Benoit. I have a couple of jars saved, and you’ve inspired me to pull them out again. I wonder whether the Yoplait lids would fit my jars? That would be spectacular! Fingers crossed.

Margaret Lukens 02/15/2019 05:37 PM

I noticed the pictured jars still have that ugly sealant on the rim. It’s pretty easy to get off, it can take a little time but next to no scrubbing. The best way to avoid that residue is to peel the lid carefully, but if it’s been yanked off with glue left behind, or worse, run through a dishwasher, it is stubborn and soak and solvent resistant. The magic no-labor method to get it off is to expose the glue to direct sunlight (black light would probably also work.) After the glue has been sun blasted, the glue will swell in any slightly acidic aqueous liquid, and begin to unbond and wipe or peel off easily. A serendipitous overnight rain works, but so does flipping the jars upside down in a shallow pan of Tap water spiked with a little vinegar. I’ve been using a disposable plastic clamshell that a pie came in, which I can close to fend off evaporation and reuse and reuse and reuse. It’s summer where I am and the sun is intense, so it doesn’t take more than 4-8 hours sun and about two hours soak. But the lazy can just leave the jars out for a day or three and hope for rain. The glue will then peel or wipe off (use wet paper towel) with ridiculous ease.

Sarah W 06/24/2019 08:01 PM

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