One of my favorite organizing tools

11 April 2011

Today at the monthly meeting of the St. Louis chapter of NAPO organizers shared their favorite organizing tools. Those of us who attended the conference shared our favorite conference session. It got to me thinking what I would have shared, had I not gone to the conference.

So I thought I’d share here.

It’s a pop-up leaf container sold at hardware stores and places like Amazon. Here’s a picture of one, though it’s not the exact one I have.

The one pictured above is the Fiskars 9405 Kangaroo 30-Gallon Gardening Container. It sells for $24.99. (I got mine at Home Depot, for less than that, I think.)

I know it doesn’t look like an organizing tool. But I take it to clients’ homes for decluttering sessions. It can hold trash, recyclables, or charity donations. (It’s great for a closet clean-out.) I put a 39-gallon clear trash bag in it and it makes life so much easier, because we’re not constantly opening bags. We can just toss things in!

The best part is that it collapses flat and I can just keep it, and the bags, in my car’s trunk.

Do you have a favorite organizing tool?

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I love that idea! My favorite tool is either my labeler or clear, plastic bins for sorting goodies.

Janine, I wanted to introduce myself at conference to you – I saw you numerous times but I could never make my way over due to sidetracking and time limits. At least I saw you in person! :)

Sara Caputo 04/12/2011 07:58 AM

I love my labelmaker too!

I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you, Sara! It was one of those conferences where I saw lots of people in the distance but didn’t get a chance to really talk with them. Maybe next year we can actually talk!

Thanks for your comment.

Janine Adams 04/12/2011 08:01 AM

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