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27 August 2008

This week’s blog of the week belongs to Krista Colvin, an organizer in the Portland, Oregon, area, whose blog helps those of us who like to add a little style to our organizing efforts. Organize in Style presents cool products and cool ideas with a great injection of fun.

In addition to her blog, Krista has a program for organized women who want to be more organized called The SheBang, subtitled The Smart Women’s Guide to Doing it All. It reminds me of Flylady, in that it’s very supportive and offers routines and advice, but, to my eyes, it’s intended for a more sophisticated consumer. There are free and affordable premium versions. Check it out.

And that’s not all! Krista and her friend and colleague, Brandie Kajino: have a radio show called “The O Myth” (subtitle: debate + debunk life’s organizing myths). Most recently, my fabulous friend, Aby Garvey, was the guest. (Aby’s blog was my first Blog of the Week.) You can listen to the O Myth live or download past shows from the website.

Krista’s style is warm and chatty and reading her blog or Shebang communications makes you feel like you’re talking to a supportive, non-judgmental girlfriend who’s been where you are and is more than willing to share what she’s learned. And on top of it, she’s stylish and sophisticated. How fun is that?

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WOW! I’m thrilled and honored to be your blog of the week! Of course you caught me unorganized ;)... I’m not posting this week because I’m in so cal visiting my parents!
I promise loads of posts + sass upon my return!

kristacolvin 08/27/2008 10:02 PM

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