Packing for the plane

1 May 2008

I’m flying home from Hawaii late this afternoon. It’s an overnight flight and I arrive in St. Louis at 8 in the morning. That’s an eleven hour journey, not counting the time I spend waiting for my flight at the Honolulu airport.

When I flew here last week, I packed my carry-on as though I were traveling with a toddler I feared would get bored and start screaming (in this analogy, I’m the toddler). I hauled more stuff on board than I even looked at. I spent most of my time watching a DVD on my computer and the plane’s fairly wretched movie (National Treasure).

So as I contemplate packing for my ride home, I realize I need to lighten the load. Part of me wants to take advantage of all that free airplane time and concentrate on my business and do some all-important planning. I’ve been so focused on my client this past week that I can’t even remember what’s going on with my real life. I know I still have follow-up to do from the NAPO national conference.

I want to re-read Do It Tomorrow since I’ve fallen a little off the wagon with that system. And I need to re-visit my to-do list.

But the other part of me wants to take a novel and call it a day (and night). I’ll have my computer, so I can watch the last episode on Season 4, Disk 1 of The Wire, an amazing HBO series. Between that, my knitting (I’m making a burgundy cabled wrap), and my iPod with all its podcasts, I really don’t need anything else.

So I think the conclusion I’m coming to is that less is more. I don’t want schlep a heavy bag around the Honolulu and Chicago airports (my 13” MacBook is heavy enough on its own). I’m going to take to my computer, my knitting, my iPod, and the novel I have from the library (Linda Fairstein’s Bad Blood). And I’ll throw in a notepad to write down some to-dos.

That still seems like quite a lot of stuff, doesn’t it? I’m actually hoping that I sleep so much I don’t need most of it!

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I don’t know how anyone can work on an airplane. I vote for reading and listening to good music.

Sue 05/01/2008 02:58 PM

Sue, that’s so interesting! I get tons of work done on the plane. I think the outside distractions crowd out my mind’s distracting thoughts, allowing me to focus. That said, I think I’ll take your advice!

Janine Adams 05/01/2008 03:16 PM

I often do those long flights, and I find it a good time for reflection, both business and personal. I always bring a notebook, and usually some piece of non fiction that invites me to stop now and then and consider what’s being said.

kerry Dexter 05/02/2008 08:44 AM

I’m home and happy to report that I ended up doing a lot of sleeping! I finished watching The Wire, got half way through my novel, did a bit of a to-do list and then went home and took a nap. I did get some knitting done while watching The Wire. Less was definitely more this time!

Janine Adams 05/02/2008 01:02 PM

Glad your trip was relaxing. I think the notebook is the most valuable organization tool on the planet. Every time I overpack, I think how I could have done without everything except for the notebook. (And a pen!)

Can’t wait to explore more of your site here. My hobby is reading about organizing – I’m sort of a collector of methods. I even implement them sometimes!

Carolyn 05/04/2008 04:17 PM

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