Small changes, big benefits

30 July 2020

Sometimes little purchases or habit changes can make such a big difference. I keep thinking about that because a week ago I bought a Roku voice remote for my Roku streaming video device and it makes me so happy. It was a $20 investment. Every time I use it (which has been every day), I smile.

Previously, I had to use two remotes: One to turn on and off my TV, as well as adjust the volume (and mute), and one to control the Roku. My two most-used streaming apps are Hulu and Netflix. My old remote had buttons that took me directly to Netflix (as well as Amazon Prime and two other services I don’t subscribe to). I loved that Netflix button but wished there was one for Hulu.

I decided to indulge myself and buy the new remote that not only controls the Roku but also turns the tv on and off, controls the volume and mutes the TV. (That’s a photo of it above.) And it has button for Hulu as well as Netflix! I now only have to keep track of one remote rather than two. It’s a tiny thing but it makes such a difference! This new remote is also a voice remote—I can press a button and use my voice ask it to open a channel or search for a show. I’ve barely used that feature, but I know it will come in handy.

Such a little thing. But since it’s something I use every day (particularly during the pandemic), it has a big impact.

It’s also true that small habit changes can pay big dividends. For example, in my life, I am now pulling the few weeds that come up in my front yard (we replaced the lawn with native plants last fall) when I come home from walking Bix every morning. Usually just a few weeds have popped overnight and I pluck them out. So I’m never faced with a big weeding challenge or guilt over unsightly weeds.

Do you have any irritations that can be alleviated by a small habit change or perhaps a small purchase? I encourage you to ask yourself what could make life a little easier and see if that’s something achievable.

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