The down side to international travel

15 September 2009

I’ve been home from Australia for six days now. Apart from the very first night home, when I slept long and hard after 24 consecutive hours of travel, I haven’t been sleeping properly. I’m a good sleeper (my mom’s narcoleptic…it’s in my genes) but I’ve experienced what it must be like to be an insomniac. Most nights, I’ve just not been getting sleepy at bedtime.

Last night was different; I was able to get to sleep quickly and slept much of the night. I think things are getting back to normal. And the red wine I drank before bed didn’t hurt.

The result of this jet lag is that I’ve been sleep-deprived, foggy-brained and quite unproductive. I had high hopes for today, but am just now getting to a blog post. (I did manage to write and send out my monthly newsletter.)

I had a Skype call this afternoon with my two accountability partners, organizers Wendy Davie in New Zealand and Margaret Lukens who lives in the San Francisco Bay area. We talk every couple of weeks and update one another about our progress toward our goals. This week, Margaret reported that she’s launched a new aspect of her business, Preparation Nation, in which she helps people prepare for disaster. Wendy announced a very exciting new enterprise, which isn’t public yet. But I’ll be telling you all about it when the time is right. All I could report to these two amazing women is that I almost got a full night’s sleep last night.

I often have trouble re-entering real life after travel and I’m always reminded that it’s my routines that keep me sane and productive. But when I’m away from them, I sometimes have trouble re-establishing them. Add jet lag to the mix and it’s deadly.

I do have another day in my home office tomorrow before I start seeing clients so I have high hopes for productivity. My to-do list is waiting (it’s even starting to beckon). High on it is to re-establish my routine of regular morning blogging. So watch this space!

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