Tiny projects challenge: Day 4

7 May 2020

I focused my attention on my printer stand/snack bar today. In about 20 minutes, I decluttered and tidied this little space and it felt great!

Let me explain the snack bar: I buy snacks like packets of nuts and snack bars that I take with me to client appointments so I can nosh when I’m hungry without interrupting my work. I typically buy the snacks at Costco and I store them on top of my printer stand, next to my printer.

In the printer stand I store paper (both printer paper and premium paper that I use for hand lettering), along with mailing envelopes, file folders and cardboard to make envelopes stiff. It’d been awhile since I spent any time with the contents of the printer stand and things had devolved a bit.

Here’s a picture of the printer stand before I got started. Not pictured was a partially full Costco box of snack bars on the windowsill.

And here’s how it looked twenty minutes later.

It took me ten minutes to tackle the snack bar. I went through the snacks and discarded the expired ones. (Quite a few had expired!) With the space I gained, I was able to integrate the bars from the windowsill into the containers on the printer stand and get that unsightly box off the windowsill.

Inside the printer stand, I put like things together, took my regular printer paper out of its packaging for easier access and recategorized what went into the magazine holders. And I took a moment to create a new label so the magazine holder labels reflect reality.

I took note that I need to buy some more printer paper and also some more of the tea I buy in bulk and usually store between the two types of paper. I also moved Bix’s armchair so that I could open the printer-stand doors more fully.

I have to say, this was a satisfying tiny project. The little bit of work I did today will make accessing snacks, paper and envelopes easier. It felt great. The photos don’t do it justice!

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