Traveling light, thanks to my iPad

22 January 2014

I bought an iPad Air on December 26. If you’ve been reading this blog a long time, you might remember that I was an early adopter of the iPad. I bought the original version in 2010 and fell head over heels in love with it.

But when I got my iPhone 4S in 2012, the iPad seemed slow and heavy by comparison. It ended up being a paper weight and I sold it it to Gazelle for $100.

Last month, I decided to bite the bullet and get an iPad Air. I thought it would be useful in my genealogy research and my aging eyes were yearning for a larger, portable device on which to surf the net while away from my desk.

I was in Portland last week and, naturally, took my new iPad. It turned out that for some reason I couldn’t send email from where I was staying, so I had to send all my email from the iPad. That prompted me to go to Best Buy and get a Logitech FabricSkin iPad case, which I absolutely love.

When I was flying home yesterday, I got to thinking about how I didn’t use anything on the plane beyond my iPad and a spiral bound notebook. The plane had wi-fi, so I was able to access my task manager and other resources on Springpad. I could read my library book via the Kindle app. I have a KenKen app, which kept me amused. And I had downloaded a movie on iTunes, Blue Jasmine. (Wow—what amazing performances.)

Back in the day, I’d lug along all sorts of books, files, a laptop, a DVD, and notebooks so that I could work and stay happy on an airplane. (To be fair, I did have my laptop with me, because I needed it in Portland; I just never took it out of my bag once I left for the airport.) With my iPad, my on-plane life is much less complicated!

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