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23 September 2008

I’m typing this from the Las Vegas airport en route home to St. Louis. (Man, do I hate the Las Vegas airport…it’s hard to find any peace with all the slot machines and so forth. Plus it doesn’t appear you can even purchase a wifi connection.) Anyway, I just heard this announcement, “Attention, Marge Simpson [I changed the name], please return to security. You picked up the wrong computer.” Gulp. They made that announcement twice, then made another one asking her to pick up a white courtesy phone and call the operator.

Can you imagine? I wonder at what point the person who had Marge’s computer realized it. And what happens if she doesn’t hear the announcement? I’m sure she could be found, perhaps even before she flew away, but it would be such a bummer knowing that some stranger has your computer.

I hate having to remove my laptop from its bag and walk away from it. I have a white MacBook…there are many that look just like it. I’d like to devise some strategies for being away from my stuff as little as possible. Any suggestions?

I had to post this after returning home to St. Louis, because I couldn’t go online in Vegas. It’s lovely to be home with my little family!

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The guy who works for Paul and does all their animation uses several computers (all the same lap top) and has “marked” them with colored electrical tape at the base. This way he can grab the one he needs. It sort of looks like the color coding on a medical record and isn’t too terrible. Anyway, it seems like you could devise a similar “mark” or even a larger label for your computer. He uses the bright colored, 1” wide stuff.

Lucinda 09/24/2008 09:42 AM

Thanks for your comment, Lucinda. I thought about marking it, but I don’t want to mar the beauty of my white laptop. Maybe I can get Sally to create a pretty drawing I can put on a sticker and put on my laptop. Hmmm.

Janine Adams 09/25/2008 07:17 AM

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