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8 September 2011

I was helping a client clear off the top of the desk in her home office. It was one of those desks where stuff gets added over the years but very little gets subtracted. I love those jobs because it’s kind of a time capsule. And, often, we find fun stuff.

As I was going through the bits of paper and notes, I came across this note, which made me smile:

I’m used to seeing notes with my name on them in my clients’ stuff, because, typically, they’ve written down my name and business name and phone number as they think about hiring a professional organizer.

But this note had my name and the title of my first book! It came out in 2000 and has been out of print for years. My client confessed that she never bought the book, but read a review and thought she might. That just tickled me.

It reminds me of another time when I was helping a client clean out her files and we came across the adoption packet she got when she adopted a dog years before from a rescue group. Nestled among the papers given her by the group was an article I’d written for Family Circle about vaccinations for pets. That made me very happy, particularly since the article advocated less frequent vaccinations, which is one of my passions.

I love my work!

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I didn’t know (or had forgotten) that you had been a pet writer! As a former dog person who has converted to being a cat person and is now contemplating life with a cat AND a dog, I just may have to check out your work!

Janet Barclay 11/07/2011 08:59 AM

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