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3 December 2012

I’m leaving tomorrow for another trip to see my parents in Walla Walla. On July 25, 2011, just after I’d returned from a trip to Walla Walla, I blogged about the swell travel organizer I use to keep track of my paperwork while I travel. I’ve used it for every trip I’ve taken since (which must be at least a dozen) and the durable organizer continues to work well. I so I figured it was worth re-running my review.

I went on a week-long trip to visit my parents in mid-July. It involved air travel, car rental, and hotel stay (my parents live in a small condo, so I don’t stay with them).

I’m not a nervous traveler, but I definitely like to have my ducks in a row. So I was delighted when Smead sent me a two-pack of their Travel Organizer to try out and consider blogging about. This is a three-sectioned document holder, and each section has an index tab. There’s a pocket in the front with velcro closure for receipts (or it could be used for boarding passes). A tab that comes from the back over the front keeps papers from falling out.

I customized my Travel Organizer for this trip with my handy Brother P-Touch label maker. To make it prettier and easier to spot in my bag, I used berry pink labels with white writing. I labeled the whole folder for the trip, then put labels on each tab for plane, car, and hotel.

Here’s a photo of my customized travel organizer:

Smead travel organizer

I customized the organizer for my trip.

Talk about having my ducks in a row! I was able to find just what I needed quickly and easily. I had a safe place to stash my receipts so my wallet didn’t get clogged. I haven’t yet entered my receipts in to Quickbooks (this week, I promise!) so they’re all in a safe place awaiting entry.

I foresee changing the trip label and using the Travel Organizer for each trip I take. Being able to create three separate sections and access them easily is a step above the colored poly slash folder I’ve been using for years when I travel.

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