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Your memory is a terrible thing to rely on

23 February 2015 | Comments [0] »

When I was in my twenties, I had a mind like a steel trap. Oh, the things I could keep in there and recall in a nanosecond! It made me a valuable employee; my ability to keep details straight and handle logistics well allowed me to work on some great projects. (For example, I organized—and attended—small conference in Africa with participants from all over the world. I put it together from my office in Washington, D.C., and this was before the internet.)

Now that I’m in my fifties, my memory is a shadow of its former self. But I’m lucky: in the intervening three decades, technology has emerged that helps me compensate. There’s no need to store things in my brain. I can write everything down and access it instantly using the app of my choice. That frees my brain for more important things.

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Mynd makes your iPhone calendar better

20 June 2014 | Comments [6] »

I’m an Apple fangirl. As I’ve written here many times, I love love love my iPhone. (I currently have a 5S). I’ve been using iCal for my calendar ever since I got my first Mac in 2008.

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PocketMod - a recyclable pocket-size planner

8 July 2008 | Comments [3] »

Through a circuitous but interesting path, I found myself at PocketMod. It’s a simple website with instructions and templates for creating a customized paper planner, printed on one sheet of paper and folded to create a little book that would fit in your shirt pocket (if you were inclined to put your calendar in your shirt pocket).

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