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Five apps that have lasted five years (or more)

5 June 2017 | Comments [3] »

This morning I was thinking about the five phone that I’ve been using on daily (or almost daily) for at least five years. That’s a long time in the life of an app. Hats off to the developers who created such robust apps that have managed to stay really useful without significant changes. (They’ve all been updated, of course.)

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My favorite things of 2016

29 December 2016 | Comments [2] »

I’m channeling my inner Oprah by creating this post about eight of my favorite things of the past year.

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My new favorite app: NPR One

14 September 2016 | Comments [0] »

I’m an unabashed fan of National Public Radio. I’ve been listening to it for decades. But in recent years, that’s fallen by the wayside. Instead, I’ve been listening to music on my phone or podcasts that automatically land on my phone. I used to listen to NPR on my car radio (I don’t think I even have a radio in my home any longer), but I’d switch it off if I didn’t like the story.

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My favorite new iPhone accessory

28 March 2016 | Comments [0] »

I bought an iPhone 6S on February 26. I love it of course. I’ve never been shy about expressing my love for my iPhone. And that love has not diminished an iota since my first iPhone, the 4S I bought in 2012. This new phone replaced my nearly two-year-old iPhone 5S whose storage had filled up. I blame my puppy, Bix, who’s outrageously photogenic, for that.

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Your memory is a terrible thing to rely on

23 February 2015 | Comments [0] »

When I was in my twenties, I had a mind like a steel trap. Oh, the things I could keep in there and recall in a nanosecond! It made me a valuable employee; my ability to keep details straight and handle logistics well allowed me to work on some great projects. (For example, I organized—and attended—small conference in Africa with participants from all over the world. I put it together from my office in Washington, D.C., and this was before the internet.)

Now that I’m in my fifties, my memory is a shadow of its former self. But I’m lucky: in the intervening three decades, technology has emerged that helps me compensate. There’s no need to store things in my brain. I can write everything down and access it instantly using the app of my choice. That frees my brain for more important things.

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Swype makes iPhone typing easier

17 November 2014 | Comments [2] »

With iOS 8, my iPhone got just a little bit better. For a brief time before I got my beloved iPhone (I currently use the 5S), I had a cheap Android phone. The only thing I missed about that phone was the built-in Swype keyboard that made texting easier. With Swype, you slide your finger from key to key, rather than pressing the individual keys with your finger or thumb.

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Mynd makes your iPhone calendar better

20 June 2014 | Comments [6] »

I’m an Apple fangirl. As I’ve written here many times, I love love love my iPhone. (I currently have a 5S). I’ve been using iCal for my calendar ever since I got my first Mac in 2008.

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10 things you can throw away this weekend

9 May 2014 | Comments [0] »

It’s basement season for my business. I’ve been in a lot of basements recently and my teams have helped make them much more enjoyable and functional spaces. I keep seeing the same sorts of items, so I decided to a create a quick list of items that I frequently see people unnecessarily hanging onto in basements (and other parts of the house).

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Two apps to help you get things done

25 July 2012 | Comments [0] »

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Unclutterer and saw my colleague Deb Lee’s recent post about two new-to-me productivity apps, Wonderful Day and iDone This

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Lifehacker's list of best iPhone apps

11 July 2012 | Comments [3] »

For three years in a row, the wonderful website Lifehacker has presented its Lifehacker Pack for iPhone list of iPhone apps that help you stay productive, connected, informed and entertained.

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App of the week: Wunderlist

22 June 2012 | Comments [0] »

Wunderlist is a website app with a free iPhone app that sync together nicely. It allows me to keep simple lists (there’s not much in the way of bells and whistles). It’s easy to add items to lists. It’s easy to add new lists.

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App of the week: Milebug

1 June 2012 | Comments [1] »

I blogged about the mileage-tracking app Milebug last year, after I realized how much time it was saving me on my taxes. Back then, I was using it on my iPod Touch.

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App of the week: SleepCycle

25 May 2012 | Comments [1] »

When I was at the NAPO conference in March, one of the keynote speakers, Joanne Lichten, Ph.D., RD, aka Dr. Jo®, recommended an app called SleepCycle. She was talking about the importance of good sleeping habits for good health and self care. I had my iPhone with me, so I downloaded it on the spot, during the talk. (The app costs 99 cents.)

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MileBug: My tax-time time saver

4 March 2011 | Comments [3] »

I’ve been doing my family’s taxes on TurboTax now for four years. I worked on them almost to the point of completion last weekend (let’s hear it for refunds!) and it went remarkably smoothly.

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