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The virtues of a nice lined notebook

29 October 2013 | Comments [2] »

I have a fondness for a nice notebook, particularly one with lined paper. I’m somewhat particular, but luckily there are a lot of notebooks that meet my exactly standards. Way back in 2008, I blogged about some notebooks I’ve been enjoying.

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Some stylin' new office products

29 May 2008 | Comments [4] »

The office superstore Staples has developed a new line of office supplies for people who appreciate “creativity and style in the workplace.” They commissioned a survey that revealed that more than half of workers reported that having stylish office supplies gets them noticed in the workplac

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Super-cool designer notebooks

16 April 2008 | Comments [0] »

Raise your hand if you’re an office-supply junkie. You can’t see me, but I’ve waving my hand in the air. I love office supplies. I can (and do) spend hours in Office Depot and Office Max. I especially love beautiful journals and spiral-bound notebooks. I love the feel of quality paper against my pen. I love the look of gorgeous colors and lines that are just the right distance apart.

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