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Tackling the sock challenge

20 January 2015 | Comments [0] »

Socks are such a huge challenge for so many of my clients. It seems like most have more than they can store comfortably. (And when you have items than you can store comfortably, you have clutter.)

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Dealing with orphan socks

11 August 2014 | Comments [6] »

As I toured a new client’s home recently, I was struck by the clever solution she had created in her laundry room for dealing with orphan socks. She created a sock wall!

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My first socks!

17 September 2007 | Comments [2] »

Knitters know what a rite of passage knitting a first pair of socks is. It may not seem like such a big deal to non-knitters, but when you pause and look at a sock, you can see there’s a great deal of shaping involved.

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Home away from home

18 August 2007 | Comments [1] »

One of the wonderful things about being a knitter is that when you’re away from home you can almost always find a comfortable place to hang out.

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