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Ditching my unmatching socks

25 April 2019 | Comments [1] »

I wear a lot of dark socks with my work uniform of exercise pants and black athletic shoes. And I was having a heck of a time with laundry because I was coming up with unmatched socks so frequently. I would put the singleton aside and hope its mate would appear. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t. (I know this is familiar to you.)

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Worth repeating: Dealing with orphan socks

19 March 2019 | Comments [0] »

Nearly five years ago, I posted about my clever clients system for handling socks that have lost their mates. I still love the simplicity and visibility of this system!

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Make laundry easier

30 May 2017 | Comments [2] »

I see a lot of clients who have trouble keeping up with the laundry. They may be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity. Or the problem may be that it’s too hard to put the clean clothes away, so they end up staying in baskets. Whatever the reason, unfinished (or unstarted) laundry can be a real source of stress.

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Tackling the sock challenge

20 January 2015 | Comments [0] »

Socks are such a huge challenge for so many of my clients. It seems like most have more than they can store comfortably. (And when you have items than you can store comfortably, you have clutter.)

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Dealing with orphan socks

11 August 2014 | Comments [6] »

As I toured a new client’s home recently, I was struck by the clever solution she had created in her laundry room for dealing with orphan socks. She created a sock wall!

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