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Gaining focus when I'm feeling distracted

24 August 2017 | Comments [0] »

I’m thrilled to have a two whole days at my desk this week (today and tomorrow) and a light client load next week. It’s after 3 pm and while I have created some order, not a whole lot else has been accomplished. I’m particularly distractible today—I’m finding myself bouncing from small task to small task and website to website. I have a task list, but I’m not exactly plowing through it.

When this happens, I know that it’s time to pull out my secret weapon: My timer. I know from experience that when I set my timer for just a few minutes—as little as five minutes—I get stuff done. I like playing beat the clock, and knowing the clock is ticking in the background tends to keep me focused.

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What can you do in five minutes?

9 August 2017 | Comments [0] »

I’m a big believer in using a timer to motivate me to work quickly and get stuff done. I have a seriously full calendar but a relatively free morning today so I thought I’d see if I could some clutter spots and other small tasks taken care of.

So I pulled out my phone and asked Siri to set a timer for five minutes. I did it seven times. Here’s what I managed to accomplish in just seven five-minute blocks:

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Hunkered in? Do some filing!

13 January 2017 | Comments [0] »

Much of the U.S. is dealing with some lousy winter weather today. Here in St. Louis, a two-day ice storm is forecast and both the national weather service and the state transportation division have instructed people to stay off the roads. I’m not going anywhere. Seems like a perfect weekend to catch up on a few things.

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Feeling busy? Take 5 minutes to create a little order

16 June 2016 | Comments [0] »

When I get busy my natural messiness kicks in. Our kitchen is being renovated so disorder reigns in our house and has for the last six weeks. But even in small spaces that have nothing to do with the kitchen, like my desk, everything felt out of control this morning. I’m feeling pulled in a bunch of directions and just wasn’t taking the time to put away the stuff I could. And the clutter started getting tome.

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Tackling the full inbox

2 December 2013 | Comments [2] »

I have an Inbox Zero policy that I dearly love. It’s typically easy for me to maintain and keeps me feeling under control.

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