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About Janine

Janine Adams

As a certified professional organizer — and a human being who cares about your heart, as well as your home — I’ve got two questions for you:

1. Do you feel at ease in your space?
2. Are you willing to be gentler with yourself?

Those two questions might not seem connected, but believe me — they are.

Why? Because ultimately, organizing isn’t just about de-cluttering, sorting and sprucing. It’s about creating freedom, ease and peace of mind.

Here’s something I’ve noticed, after 1,000s of hours of on-the-job experience with a couple of hundred clients:

You can get a burst of peace + ease with a fabulous organization session (and yes, it feels amazing!).

But to create lasting peace of mind — the kind that truly changes your quality of life — you’ve got to be kind to yourself, like yourself, and trust that you’re doing enough. Every day.

So, let’s add a third question to the mix:

3. Are you ready to create habits that make it easy for you to like yourself?

Yes? Oh, good! That’s my specialty, and my passion. I’ve got transformational strategies to help you feel at ease in your space — and at ease with yourself. And I’d love to share them, with you.

Want to get to know me a little better, before you invite me into your heart and home? (Of course you do!)

Here are the essential details:

And here are the non-essential (but very fun!) details:

I’m starting to bring my passion for genealogy into my organizing business, with live presentations and one-on-one services for family history buffs. (Hop on my mailing list for updates — and check out my (other) website,

All done! What now?

Thank you for visiting! Wishing you peace of mind, today and always.

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