50 days in, I'm still loving my Rowena dress

22 January 2021

Day 49

Fifty days ago today, I put on my Rowena swing dress from Wool& and took on their challenge of wearing the same dress for 100 days in a row. I love challenges and I love simplifying getting dressed so I jumped at it. There’s even a prize: $100 Wool& credit toward a new dress if I photo document that I wore it for all 100 days.

You’d think that after 50 days I’d be sick of this dress. But, weirdly, I’m not. It is so comfortable and so easy to wear. I typically wear it with leggings or tights. And if I’m taking my dog Bix for a walk on a cold day, I just pull fleecy pants on over my leggings or tights and take them off when I get home.

I like adding ponchos or shawls and sometimes wear a belt with it. I have even worn it under other dresses. The wool dress is thin enough to tuck into jeans, but I don’t find jeans comfortable, so I haven’t done that. I bought some tights from Snag Tights that are very comfortable and have been a great addition to my choices of what to wear with my dress. I bought some black wooly ones, as well as some opaque colored tights (grey and burgundy). I joined a Facebook group called 100 Day Challenge where I’m often inspired by how others they wear their dresses.

Basically, my dress is a neutral base layer over which I put more interesting clothing or accessories. I also always wear something under it, since I’m laundering it so seldom. So far, I have washed it three times and it remains clean-looking, unwrinkled, and unsmelly. (25 days ago, I wrote more about that.)

I used to spend way too much time thinking about what to wear, even during the pandemic when my husband is the only one seeing me. (We discussed this in Episode 134: Pandemic Clothing Quandaries on our podcast Getting to Good Enough.) Now I still think a little about the accessories, but dressing is so much easier and the result so much better. Thank you, Wool&!

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