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The tiny wardrobe continues!

9 October 2017 | Comments [0] »

On July 1, 2016 I decided to try out Courtney Carver’s Project 333, an experiment in having a minimal wardrobe. I thought I’d do it for a year, but I think I’m hooked. Each quarter, I select 33 articles of clothing from which to dress for the next three months. The clothes I don’t wear, but don’t want to give away, reside in bins in my basement. I’ve blogged about my collection each time I’ve made the selection.

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Reflections on a year of few clothes

6 July 2017 | Comments [0] »

On July 1, 2016, I embarked on what I thought would be a year-long experiment with Project 333 the minimalist clothing project created by Courtney Carver and followed by people all over the world. I’d heard Courtney speak in St. Louis on her Tiny Wardrobe Tour and was inspired to give it a try.

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My spring 2017 Project 333 collection

12 April 2017 | Comments [0] »

When I decided to try out Project 333 in July of last year, I decided it would be a year-long experiment in trying to dress with less. This is my fourth quarter, so the year is almost up. I’m still loving it!

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My third Project 333 collection!

2 January 2017 | Comments [2] »

In July, I started what I think will be a year-long experiment with Project 333, the challenge created by Courtney Carver of the Be More with Less blog, in which participants dress from a 33-item wardrobe collection for 3 months at a time. I heard Courtney speak here in St. Louis in June and was intrigued.

Yesterday, I spent a little time picking out my clothing for the first quarter of 2017. Here’s the thing that struck me: The longer I do this, the easier it gets. The first two times, I narrowed options down to 40 or so and then had to whittle that away. Yesterday, there was no whittling. My first pass at a collection was less than 33, then I added a couple of things. The whole process took me fifteen minutes or less.

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Time for a new Project 333 collection!

3 October 2016 | Comments [2] »

September 30 was the end my first Project 333 season. From July 3 to yesterday October 2, I had only 33 wardrobe items from which to choose when getting dressed each day. In a nutshell, the 33 items included clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. It did not include underwear, sleepwear, loungewear, or exercise clothes. It also did not include dog-walking clothes. Please read my August 1 explanation of Project 333 for complete details.

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My adventure with Project 333

1 August 2016 | Comments [4] »

Maybe you’ve heard of Project 333 It’s the brainchild of Courtney Carver of Be More with Less. She designed this challenge for herself in 2010 and encouraged her blog readers to follow suit. It swept the nation and is going strong. It dovetails nicely with the current interest in minimalism.

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Why decluttering is so important

3 March 2016 | Comments [3] »

I met with a client recently who explained all the storage solutions she and her husband had attempted in an effort to create order. They have three kids and a small house and it felt to them like their home was bursting at the seams. Yet their storage solutions hadn’t solved the problem.

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The curse of the large house

19 January 2016 | Comments [2] »

My husband and I own a house that’s larger than we need. It was built in 1908 as a two-family house and when we bought it, we lived in the upstairs apartment and rented out the downstairs apartment. The upstairs apartment, which has two bedrooms and is 1600 square feet, was plenty big for the two of us. But we rather hated being landlords, despite the fact we had good renters. (Truth be told, we’re born renters.)

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Creating a capsule wardrobe

14 October 2015 | Comments [5] »

For the last eight years I’ve been fortunate enough to be friends with Geralin Thomas, a professional organizer and wardrobe consultant who has patiently been trying to educate me on what to wear and how to wear it. (I like looking nice, but I lack confidence in knowing what looks great on me and how to put together outfits.)

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The rewards of a closet purge

8 September 2014 | Comments [7] »

My friend and fab professional organizer, Geralin Thomas, came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. One of the services Geralin offers her clients is wardrobe organization, which includes closet organizing and wardrobe selection. She helped me six years ago (time flies!) and I leaped at the chance to have her help me with my wardrobe again.

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Less stuff, more living: A review of Clutterfree with Kids (+ giveaway!)

21 February 2014 | Comments [13] »

Joshua Becker, the founder and editor of the popular Becoming Minimalist website, sent me a copy of his new book, Clutterfree with Kids for a review and giveaway. Here’s the review. At the end you’ll see how to enter to win an autographed copy of the book.

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