At last! I made a wearable garment!

27 March 2007

When I picked up knitting again (after several decades) at the beginning of 2005, I was pretty fearless. Mostly out of ignorance, I think. I started out with a scarf, then a pretty terrific felted bag knit in the round. Then I made my first garment, The Einstein Coat, from Sally Melville’s Knit book. As I’ve documented, that didn’t turn out so well, and not too long ago I ripped it out.

Later that year I tried a drop-sleeve sweater and that looked like hell. So recently, I ripped that out—I’ll use the yummy Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky for something else.

Burned by those two experiences, I’ve been working on non-garment projects, like scarves, bags, and, of course, the wonderful Barbara Walker’s Learn-To-Knit Afghan.

Last year I saw a sweater vest I liked in the Boden USA catalog. I liked it so much I was willing to shell out $58 for it (on sale!) but they were sold out of my size. So I determined to make one.

I’m proud as punch to report that I finished the vest, it’s not unlike the one I’d wanted to buy, and I can actually wear it without embarrassment.

Here it is:

Turquoise and brown handknit sweater vest

It's not perfect, but it's wearable!

I made it from this great free pattern on I used Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece (80 percent cotton/20 percent wool) and US6 needles (US7 on the neck and bottom ribbing).

This vest has boosted my knitting confidence. Who knows, maybe I’ll try a sweater again one of these days!

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Finally checked your blog to see the vest. It looks great!! You’ll need to wear it to SnB so we can check it out in person! Hope to see you on Thursday.

Sue 04/03/2007 12:04 PM

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