Favorite storage features of my new kitchen

25 August 2016

This is the third and last post in a series about the kitchen renovation we did this spring. (Click here for the other two posts.)

Today I want to highlight a few of the storage features of my new kitchen that make me smile. Nothing earth-shatteringly innovative here, just really nice conveniences.

Two-tier cutlery drawer

I love how one drawer is now doing the work of two, thanks to the innovative two-tier cutlery drawer.

Simple pot lid holder

Two simple maple racks from the Container Store are holding my pot lids upright next to the pots. It’s working out so well and making me crazy happy.

My coffee filter drawer

I take a coffee filter out of this acrylic drawer every day and every day it makes me smile. I love that I found a sturdy drawer that’s exactly the right size I need for my filters. And that I can place the scale I use to weigh my coffee (I’m weird that way) right on top of it. It’s so much better than the flimsy coffee-filter box I used to use.

Our barware cupboard

We used to store our barware on the top shelf of the built-in cabinet and I would have to get out a stepstool if the glass I wanted wasn’t right in the very front. A lot of the barware was stored in the basement. Now we have a whole beautiful cabinet that can hold an ample supply of barware. And I love the way it looks. Another happy-making thing.

A corner cupboard Lazy Susan that actually works

I’ve seen lots of poorly functioning Lazy Susans in corner cabinets in clients’ kitchens. Ours is working really nicely. One of the things it has going for it is there’s no center pole, so I can use the whole surface. We store frequently used items like mixing bowls and colanders there and it’s conveniently close to the dishwasher. We also store food-storage containers there which, alas, means that I’m storing them nested rather than with lids on. But it’s working out really well. _(ETA: I’ve since learned that this type of Lazy Susan is called a Super Susan

A hideaway spot for my purse

In our old kitchen, I stored my purse on the top shelf of a freestanding cookbook bookcase. That space tended to get quite unruly. Now I use the angled cupboard at the entry to the kitchen from the house. It’s an odd-shaped space so I wasn’t sure how I would use it. I slide my purse in the bottom shelf; we store extra dog food in the top shelf. (We pour the dog food into large Montana glass canisters that we scoop out of. The canisters live in the built-in cabinet, along with treats.)

Here’s a wide shot of the cupboard:

And here’s a closeup of how nicely the shape works for my purse:

Our pull-out spice racks

Because of the angled countertop, a 3-inch filler was necessary to the left of the range and microwave. We didn’t want to waste space, so we had pull-out spice racks installed there. (You can see them closed in the picture above.) It’s turned out to be very convenient and it’s awfully nice to have a dedicated space for spices that’s not in the way of other things. Another benefit is that it’s really easy to read the spice labels!

Those are just a few of my favorite things about my new kitchen. It really is a joy.

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this post. I studied each photo while enjoying my morning coffee. Your kitchen and the accessories in it . . . beautiful! Especially love the handbag cubby.

I have a ‘Mrs. Kravitz’ question – I’m curious about the wooden, flat thing in your utensil drawer – what is that?

Geralin Thomas 08/26/2016 06:05 AM

Thank you, Geralin! Somehow it especially pleases me that you like the handbag cubby since you helped me pick out that handbag!

I’ll have to ask Barry about that wooden flat thing. Can you believe I don’t know? I want to say it has to do with pasta. Either that or pastry. I’ll edit this comment once I find out. My lack of curiosity about cooking is a little shocking.

Janine Adams 08/26/2016 07:17 AM

Janine—Your kitchen looks fantastic! It must be so nice to be working in it now. We are hoping to update our kitchen next year, too. Counters, appliances, sink and island. It’s all original to 1990, but some of it not wearing well. And our stove and ovens are odd sizes—the stove-top size not even found anymore (46”) and the double wall ovens small (24”). So already presented with challenges! We plan to downsize after the kid graduates from high school (3 years), and would like the kitchen to be a selling point rather than a detraction! (And I want to get to cook in it for a few years!)

Margaret Pearson Pinkham 09/01/2016 02:13 PM

You’re so smart to update it while you can enjoy it for awhile, Margaret! I hope you have smooth sailing like we did (all things considered).

Janine Adams 09/03/2016 09:27 PM

Janine. I don’t know how I missed these posts but your kitchen is beautiful. We redid our kitchen a few years ago. Since the cabinets were in good shape we had them refaced to a white shaker style. It was a great decision. We also had a custom cabinet built with drawers to match on an empty wall. We were not changing the layout since it worked but with the white cabinets, black granite and wood floors it was a whole new look. We also redid our basement 2 years ago and used the vinyl plank floors. It’s amazing. We got water in our basement in Dec with all the rain and not one vinyl plank had to be replaced. Again your kitchen is beautiful and so functional. Thanks for all the tips for future remodelers. P.S. love the handbag cubby!

Vickie Sheridan 09/15/2016 09:48 AM

Thanks, Vickie! How nice that you could do a relatively easy kitchen remodel. (I love white shaker cabinets!) And I’m thrilled to hear that the vinyl plan flooring in your basement was truly waterproof. That was a huge selling point for me in the kitchen floor!

Janine Adams 09/15/2016 02:28 PM

Hi Janine! Love your posts (as always) and your new kitchen. That wooden board in your drawer is a gnocchi rolling board. Barry is a serious Italian cook if you have one of those. Hope you’re well!

Patti Thorp 09/15/2016 07:35 PM

Hi, Patti! Thanks so much for your comment! Yeah, I finally got around to asking Barry about that just a couple of nights ago and forgot to update it here. He’s a pretty serious cook though, truth be told,I wish he made gnocchi more often!

Janine Adams 09/15/2016 09:56 PM

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