Five ways to make packing easy

14 February 2014

Five ways to make packing easy - Peace of Mind Organizing

I travel every month or two and over the years I’ve managed to make packing fairly stress free. There are five practices that I’ve adopted that have helped make packing a piece of cake.

  • I put together my outfits before I pack. I detailed my method in this blog post on avoiding overpacking but the basic point is that I plan my outfits before I pack and I don’t bring any more clothes than those that are needed for the outfits. It makes it easier to get dressed during the trip, too, since the decisions have already been made.
  • I limit my shoes. I know, I know. That’s tough. But shoes are heavy and space-consuming. I try hard to bring no more than one or two pairs of shoes or boots beyond the pair I’m wearing while traveling.
  • I keep a travel set of toiletries. I have travel-sized version of almost all my toiletries and they live in my toiletries kit. This way I save time packing and I don’t have to stress about forgetting something.
  • I take only the makeup I need. It’s not practical for me to keep a travel set of makeup (it would go bad before I could use it up), but I just pack it into a makeup kit as I put it on the day of travel. Unless I’m going to a super-fancy event on my trip, I just take along this everyday makeup, not a whole bunch of different shadows or potions to choose from when I’m at my destination.
  • I use a travel jewelry case. The Clos-ette Too Travel Jewelry Case makes it easy for me to take along what I need (and no more) and to see what I have brought. It also prevents my necklaces from getting tangled.

There are plenty of things to stress out about when traveling. Packing needn’t be one of them. By making decisions in advance and limiting my choices when I’m traveling, I make the process easier—and my bag lighter.

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The Close-ette Too Travel Jewelry Case is huge! Do you happen to know how much it weighs? Website the link referred readers to is out of all colors…

I use a tiny Baggillini case, rip stop, about 4” x 5” by 2”. Unfortunately I think it’s discontinued. If not enough room, I supplement with little silk, zip up, snap envelopes. More recently I’ve discovered I can put all the smaller holders into a multi-pocket pencil case. This is still a smaller package than the Close-ette case and I’m hoping weighs less too because I have to lug around my stuff for 8 weeks in the spring. Wish me luck!

reenie 02/15/2014 04:29 PM

I have just read this post at the right time, I am heading away for 6 days from Friday and am normally the one who over packs for a trip away, but might not this time, thanks to your advice here

Marion 02/15/2014 07:38 PM

Reenie, the footprint of the Clos-ette Too is pretty big. The whole thing is 10.25” x 12”. It has four, I think, “pages” that fit into the zipper binder. When I travel, I just take one of the pages, which gives me three or four different zippered sections to store things in (depending on the page). One page is a very slim profile and very light. I just slip it into inside cover of my suitcase.

Thanks for pointing out that they seem to be out of stock. I see that you can buy there of the “page” inserts in navy. That would be more than enough for me, but everyone’s needs are different.

Good luck with your 8-week trip. You have every reason to want to keep things light! Your pencil case solution sounds great. For me, the key is to keep stuff separated enough that they don’t get tangled.

Janine Adams 02/16/2014 06:43 PM

Marion, have a great trip! I hope your overpacking days are behind you!

Janine Adams 02/16/2014 06:44 PM

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