Fun product: The Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Weekly Planner

27 April 2012

I love functional organizing products. To me, function trumps beauty. But if you can make a product both functional and beautiful, that’s fantastic. Throw in fun on top of functional and beautiful and you have a glorious hat trick!

The products from the company Three by Three earn that hat trick. They make a variety of products that help people organize their lives beautifully. I’ve long loved their little Mighties, outrageously strong little magnets. (I use them on my Bingo board.) Three by Three created the first magnetic strip bulletin board. They offer a variety of magnetic strips and boards.

Their dry-erase products are terrific, too. They have an attractive desktop dry-erase board intended for to-dos. They have bamboo dry erase boards, which I think is a cool concept. They have these great new stick-it! silicone weekly planners (great for refrigerators that aren’t magnetic). And they have beautiful magnetic glass dry-erase boards.

Three by Three was kind enough to send me a Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Weekly Planner to try out. It’s a vertical board, divided into seven sections, one for each day of the week:

What I love about this planner is that, like other Three by Three products, it’s not only functional, but pretty and fun (I have the spring green). The smooth, tempered-glass surface is really a pleasure to write on. And the fact that it’s magnetic (which feels sort of impossible, since it’s glass) is a great bonus. The sections are large enough to actually use, though it means that it takes up a bit of wall space.

I love the planner for planning my week. I think I’m going to start using it to plan my daily blog posts during my current 30-day blogging challenge. I could also see using it in the kitchen (though it currently resides in my office) to help keep my husband abreast of my activities.

For me, the only down side to this board is that it needs to be wall mounted and I have 100-year-old plaster walls. Despite the fact that it comes with mounting hardware, mounting anything is always a little scary (but worth it!). If you have that same problem, the identical silicone weekly planner might be a better bet, though you’d miss out on the magnetic part.

I always enjoy looking at Three by Three’s products at The Container Store. But until I saw their website, I didn’t realize how many I hadn’t seen. It’s worth checking out!

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Don’t forget to go to the climbing gym on Thursday. ;)

'Drea 04/29/2012 11:16 PM

I’ll see you there!!

Janine Adams 04/30/2012 07:18 AM

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