Hoarders is back this weekend!

1 September 2010

I have to admit that I’m kind of excited that A&E TV’s Hoarders program is having its third-season debut on Monday. They’ll be airing back-to-back new episodes starting at 9 pm/8 pm central.

Part of the reason I’m excited for it to start again is that my pal, Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD® is a regular on the show. And another friend, Standolyn Robertson, CPO® is on frequently.

As I’ve mentioned before, I find it riveting television. It helps me in my work to see the therapists and the organizers working with these clients. I wish the show would focus less on the misery of the people who hoard and the conflict the hoarding causes with their family members. I’d prefer it if they’d move faster to the help, because that’s the part that I really enjoy. And I think it’s the part the viewing public can benefit from.

That complaint aside, I’ll be sitting in front of the TV Monday night ready for back-to-back episodes!

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I agree! Sometimes it gets too heavy emotionally and I just want to see the organizing and cleaning. :) But I’ll be tuning in too.

Theresa Finnigin 09/01/2010 10:01 AM

Theresa, thanks for your comment! I’ve been known to fast forward to the helping part. I’m glad I’m not alone.

Janine Adams 09/02/2010 06:40 AM

Janine, thanks for reminding your readers about the new season starting Monday.

I wish they would let viewers know the totals at the end of the show. For example, I think it’s interesting to know the number of trucks (or dumpsters) filled with recycling, donations and/or trash. Also of interest, at least to me, is the number of 1-800-Got-Junk guys and gals and Professional Organizers working on each shoot.

Geralin Thomas 09/02/2010 01:09 PM

I agree, Geralin. I’d love to hear those stats at the end of the show!!

Janine Adams 09/03/2010 08:08 AM

Love this show. I rarely get to watch it, but when I do, I always want to go clean out a closet or call the Kidney Foundation or something.

Ann Konzen 09/04/2010 06:40 AM

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