How my iPhone simplifies my life

17 August 2012

After I’d had my iPhone 4S for six weeks, I wrote a love letter to it. Four months later, I still adore it. And I don’t take it for granted. I consciously think about how much I love my iPhone at least once every couple of days.

Today I was thinking about how many things it replaces. I used to carry all this stuff in my purse:

  • Phone
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Paper notebook
  • Flash drive

My load is lightened, which is great. Even better, the iPhone replacement is typically easier to use than the original. Here’s how those items have been improved upon by my iPhone:

  • The phone itself is a dream. It automatically syncs with my Address Book on my computer, so I can easily dial anyone who was entered there in the last ten or so years. (And if they call me and they’re in my address book, the iPhone lets me know it’s them calling or leaving voicemail.)
  • I use my phone’s camera all the time, way more than I used the digital camera that I used to carry with me. And I don’t have to download them from the camera. The phone does that automatically.
  • I use the Maps app on my phone if I need directions or want to check traffic (something I couldn’t do on my UPS).
  • Thanks to my beloved Siri I can dictate notes, rather than pulling out a notebook, finding a page and jotting the note. (With Siri, whatever I dictate is transcribed.) If I don’t want to dictate, I can use type on the touchscreen on my phone. If I want to create a to-do list, I use Wunderlist.
  • DropBox gives me easy access to files I’ve stored in the cloud, so I don’t have to carry around a flash drive if I need access to certain files.

I love watching futuristic movies, like Minority Report). And, with my iPhone 4S, I feel like the future is here. I know many more wonderful things are coming and in as little as two years I’ll look back on this note and laugh at how easily thrilled I was.

But for now, I’m just grateful. iPhone: I love you.

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