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Super simplifying travel

5 December 2014 | Comments [2] »

I’m traveling to visit my parents next week and, unfortunately, I fell and injured my wrist a couple of days ago. It’s a suspected fracture, possibly just a sprain, but I’m in a splint and a sling. Luckily it’s my left arm, so I’m getting by.

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How my iPhone simplifies my life

17 August 2012 | Comments [0] »

After I’d had my iPhone 4S for six weeks, I wrote a love letter to it. Four months later, I still adore it. And I don’t take it for granted. I consciously think about how much I love my iPhone at least once every couple of days.

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Keeping it simple this holiday season

29 November 2011 | Comments [0] »

As I’ve mentioned here before, ease is my driving force. I have this question, from Supercoach Michael Neill posted on my bulletin board:

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Paper or plastic?

15 May 2009 | Comments [0] »

No, this isn’t a post about green organizing (though I am doing a free talk on that topic next month…you might consider coming if you live in St. Louis). Today I’m thinking about keeping track of things using a paper planner/notebook versus an electronic device.

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