I'm bringing you a DailyFeats Challenge!

23 July 2012

In June, I wrote about DailyFeats an interactive website that helps you build daily habits. In a nutshell, you select habits you want to create, check in daily and receive points for doing what you say you’ll do. Points are redeemable for gift cards, charitable donations, and deals.

One aspect of DailyFeats that I didn’t mention in my blog post is the Challenges. You can sign up for a variety of Challenges, some of which are multi-feat and some single feat, and receive bonus points for fulfilling them. Challenges are typically brought to you by a person or company. A look at the Challenges page shows Challenges brought to you by Deepak Chopra, Ian Somerhalder, the World Wildlife Federation and me! Yep, that’s my photo right next to the photo of Ian Somerhalder (and a cute dog).

That’s because a month or two ago, the folks at DailyFeats approached me about doing a challenge with them. I was thrilled, since I’m all about habits and routines. I’m also all about staying on top of your mail (as evidenced by my e-course, Make Peace with Your Mail and my Organizing Guide, How to Fall in Love with the Mail Carrier All Over Again), so I suggested we do something that involved creating the habit of sorting the mail.

Sort Mail feat stamp

I explained how the habit of sorting the mail every day can have such an impact on people’s lives. So the DailyFeats team created a Sort Mail feat. And then we created a Just One Thing challenge to Sort the Mail each day for a week. It’ll be available only through August 5.

To check out this challenge, go to this landing page. When you join this challenge, you’ll commit to sorting your mail once a day for a week and, when you do, you’ll receive 100 bonus points, on top of the 3 points a day you get for doing the feat. Don’t stop at a week, though!

(I also did a guest blog post for DailyFeats with expanded information on why sorting the mail is so important.)

I’ve been using DailyFeats for a couple of months now and I find it’s fantastic for reinforcing habit creation. It’s fun to click on the feats and amass points. It’s also fun to redeem them! When I check in each day, I look over the feats I’ve added to my Feats I Do list and it reminds me of the healthy habits I’m trying to create.

DailyFeats does a great job of making habits fun. I urge you to give it a try. And what better way than through my Sort the Mail Challenge?. And here’s a little more good news: When you join via that link, you’ll get 100 points deposited into your account!

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