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Master the art of using business forms

2 April 2018 | Comments [1] »

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Terry's Fabrics Designer Insights

9 March 2015 | Comments [2] »

I was interviewed by Terry’s Fabrics, a UK company, for their Designer Insights feature. They put together such a pretty layout for this feature. If you have an interest in design, you can read more Designer Insights interviews here. I’m delighted that they provided a copy for me to share here.

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I'm bringing you a DailyFeats Challenge!

23 July 2012 | Comments [0] »

In June, I wrote about DailyFeats an interactive website that helps you build daily habits. In a nutshell, you select habits you want to create, check in daily and receive points doing what you say you’ll do. Points are redeemable for gift cards, charitable donations, and deals.

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Organizing your craft space: Guest post on Unclutterer!

20 June 2012 | Comments [0] »

Unclutterer is one of my favorite organizing blogs. I’ve gotten to know Erin Doland, Unclutterer’s editor, over the years (love that woman!) and am always thrilled when she accepts a blog post from me.

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Guest posts galore!

11 January 2012 | Comments [2] »

This is a big week for me for guest posts!

I took part in a blog post for the terrific mathophilic blog, Math for Grown Ups on how I use math in my work. The blog’s owner, Laura Laing, has a Monday series where she interviews various folks about how they use math in their professions.

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Unclutterer guest post on routines

12 August 2011 | Comments [2] »

I make no secret of the fact that I love It’s a smart, informative blog on living simply and I read it regularly. The editor, Erin Doland, does an amazing job with keeping the daily content fresh.

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Guest posts!

1 June 2011 | Comments [0] »

My friend, Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing has a great blog that covers a variety of issues surrounding disorganization. Geralin is one of the featured organizers on the A&E Hoarders TV show and does such wonderful, compassionate work with her clients. She’s also a good friend and loads of fun.

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When is clutter a problem?

9 April 2010 | Comments [0] »

I gave a decluttering talk the other day and of the audience members asked, “But what if I get comfort from having all my stuff around me?” I told her it’s not a problem to be surrounded by her stuff — unless it is a problem. I asked her whether being surrounded by her stuff was affecting her ability to function. She said yes. So we talked a little about what happens when the cost of keeping stuff is higher than the cost of letting go of it.

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Guest post on

12 November 2009 | Comments [2] »

I have the honor of being a guest blogger today at Gimundo, the popular good-news-only website and enewsletter. My post is on staying sane and organized around Thanksgiving guests.

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Guest post on Unclutterer

19 August 2009 | Comments [2] »

Last week, I had a guest post on Unclutterer, a blog I link to frequently here, and which I admire so much. I’m absolutely thrilled to be included there.

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Guest post on I'm an Organizing Junkie today

30 July 2009 | Comments [2] »

I am absolutely delighted to be a guest blogger on the popular blog, I’m an Organizing Junkie today. My post is on one of my favorite topics, creating routines to help maintain order.

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Guest post on The Organized Parent

3 July 2009 | Comments [0] »

I’m so happy to have been invited to write a guest post for The Organized Parent website and blog! Stephanie Vazza, the founder and president of The Organized Parent, asked me to create the July Project of the Month onsetting up a mail-handling system.

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I'm a guest blogger on Someday Syndrome

7 January 2009 | Comments [0] »

Are you familiar with the terrific blog Someday Syndrome? It’s written by Alex Fayle, whom I first became familiar with back in 2006 when he was president of Professional Organizers in Canada. He’s relocated to Spain where he pursues his dream of writing fiction. He also calls himself a “Someday Mentor,” helping people live their dream lives. His blog is awesome and awe-inspiring.

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My guest post on Serenity for the Self-Employed

11 November 2008 | Comments [0] »

Two weeks ago, I made Serenity for the Self-Employed my Blog of the Week since the blog owner, Heather Boerner, was starting a 30-day organizing challenge. Heather then invited me to do a blog post on the mistakes people make when they’re trying to get organized.

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